Ice Skating in New York City

ice skating in Central Park

Manhattan Locations to Lace Up Your Skates Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers Location: 61 Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011 Phone: 212-336-6100 Website: The Rink at Bryant Park Location: Midtown Manhattan, between 40th and 42nd Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues Contact: Bryant Park Corporation, 1065 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2400, NY, NY […]

Strawberry Fields Forever


Central Park Conservancy guided tour It’s been almost forty years since John Lennon left us. (Can you believe it?) Gone, but, to use an old cliché, not forgotten. His music is just as relevant today and, as far as we’re concerned, will live forever. The Strawberry Fields Imagine plaque The often-visited marker is dedicated to […]

Greenwich Village, a Hollywood Inspiration – Part 2

Greenwich Village Hollywood Inspiration Village Alleyway

New York City is a common backdrop in movies, but more specifically, the quaint and artistic features of Greenwich Village make this neighborhood an idyllic setting for films of all genres. Recently, we published Part 1 of this blog article about the artistic inspiration Greenwich Village provides Hollywood directors, actors, and producers. Learn more about […]

Who Was Garibaldi?

Who Was Garibaldi His Statue in Washington Square Park

Since our hotel is just a few steps away from Garibaldi’s statue in Washington Square Park and we walk by it every day, we began to wonder, who exactly was Garibaldi? Garibaldi Plaza, in Washington Square Park, hosts many events: concerts, dance performance…even yoga classes. How to find the Statue You can easily find the square by […]

Greenwich Village, a Hollywood Inspiration – Part 1

Hollywood Inspiration in Movies

Locals know this New York City neighborhood as a bohemian refuge, blossoming with artistic inspiration and the home to New York University and the New School. But Hollywood has been inspired by Greenwich Village forever. Maybe it’s the architecture, maybe it’s just the vibe. Nestled between the East River, Hudson River, Houston Street, and 14th […]

Diamonds and Rust and Us

Diamonds Dust and Us at hotel earle

We’re feeling a tad nostalgic today, so felt that it was appropriate to pop Joan Baez’s Diamonds and Rust on the record player. (Kids–that was how we listened to music before iTunes and Spotify. I know–crazy, right?) Joan wrote this song about Bob Dylan years after their relationship ended. For a time, Dylan lived in […]

4 Comedians Who Got Their Start in New York City

Comedians Who Got Their Start in NYC Joan Rivers

New York City is known for many things, including its ability to churn out hilarious and talented comedians. Whether these individuals were born and raised in one of the city’s boroughs or if they traveled to NYC only to be discovered there’s no denying that some of the world’s most memorable and iconic comedians have […]

Greenwich Village: An Artist’s Muse

Greenwich Village artists muse View of Park in Spring

Springtime in Greenwich Village is a time of vibrant colors, outdoor cafes, budding trees, and blossoming flowers. It’s an idyllic neighborhood for artistic inspiration. In the spring, the Village is glorious, and it’s no surprise many of America’s iconic artists have used Greenwich Village as a muse for their work. For more than 150 years […]

3 Bars Where You Can Still Experience The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Greenwich Village

Mrs. Maisel’s Greenwich Village is still here, almost all of it. With two Golden Globes and two Critics’ Choice Television Awards for ‘Best Comedy Series’ and ‘Best Actress in a Comedy Series,’ you’ve likely heard of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’. If you haven’t, don’t worry – this article doesn’t contain any spoilers. Amazon’s hit comedy series is about […]

From the 17th to the 21st Century: Greenwich Village Remains a Diamond in The Rough

Greenwich Village Appeal Village Vanguard

Greenwich Village Appeal As We Know It Today What comes to mind when you initially think of Greenwich Village? Beat poets? Earnest folk-singers? The smoky wail of a saxophone? Bookshops, bongo drums, hissing espresso machines? Greenwich Village appeal includes its original architecture, winding streets and a long history of culture. These images of Greenwich Village […]

6 Entertainers You Didn’t Know Were Discovered in Greenwich Village

6 Entertainers You Didn't Know Were Discovered in Greenwich Village

The Village, as New Yorker’s often call it, has always had a bohemian flare including a diverse and open music scene—one of the many reasons why so many young aspiring songwriters and singers ended up in this part of the city, especially in the 1950s and 1960s. To get an idea of the role Greenwich […]

Greenwich Village: Home to the History-Filled Off-Broadway Theater

Cherry Lane Theater Greenwich Village

Some of the best off-Broadway theaters in New York City are found in Greenwich Village. The Village has long been a haven for artists, writers, and musicians and many of these theaters helped to shape American literature and drama as we know it today. These history-filled off-Broadway theaters have seen many world-class performances. Many great […]

3 Famous Writers Haunt Greenwich Village

3 Famous Writers Haunt Greenwich Village Book Cover

It’s no secret that some great literary minds lived or congregated in Greenwich Village over the years. What most people don’t know is of the 3 famous writers who haunt Greenwich Village because they just couldn’t seem to leave their beloved neighborhood. Even after their earthly departure, they have on occasion revisited it in their […]

6 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About NYU and Greenwich Village

Washington Mews and NYU aerial view

New York University is almost synonymous with Greenwich Village. So much so, that the Washington Square Arch is an unofficial symbol of the University for many students. But it wasn’t always this way. These 6 tidbits of information you probably don’t know about NYU and Greenwich Village show how the growing University has become a […]

Nobody Wants to Leave Greenwich Village

Haunted Greenwich Village

When you think of our lovely Greenwich Village, you might reflect on its rich history of Bohemia, its strong ties to peaceful political demonstrations and folk music and its famously eclectic and avant-garde residents. You could say nobody wants to leave Haunted Greenwich Village. But what if some of those residents never really left? Bwahahahaha!!! […]

A Little History of Greenwich Village Folk Music

History of Greenwich Village Folk Music Bearded guitarist with other musicians, Washington Square Park

When September comes, it brings more events than usual to look forward to in Washington Square Park. One of those great events that celebrate a big part of Greenwich Village’s identity is the Washington Square Folk Festival, which is usually held at the beginning of the month. Inspired by this yearly event that reconnects us […]

5 Greenwich Village Icons that Have Stood the Test of Time

Hotel History as Hotel Earle

Few businesses last more than 100 years. But these 5 Greenwich Village Icons have stood the test of time. See why. Our hotel The Washington Square Hotel, formerly The Hotel Earle, has been around for quite some time now – 115 years to be exact. And in those 115 years, our Greenwich Village hotel has […]

Celebrating Bob Dylan and His Most Notable Accomplishments

Painting on Wall Celebrating Bob Dylan

In the 1960s, the music of Bob Dylan captured the imagination of a country in generational turmoil. As Bob Dylan approaches his 76th birthday the question remains, what does the leading poet of the 1960’s generation have to say to today’s generation? As we are celebrating Bob Dylan we remember the impact his music has had […]

Walk Through Washington Square Park History

Washington Square Park History tour Overhead View

We already told you about the guided tour of the flowers of Washington Square Park that took place yesterday with gardener extraordinaire, Kaslin Daniels. Now we want to let you know about a history-based tour with Sheryl Woodruff, the Community Development Director at the Washington Square Conservancy. Sheryl is a self-described, “nonprofit junkie, public historian, […]

Walk in Bob Dylan’s Footsteps

Bob Dylan Walking Tour on Phone

Take a self-guided Dylan tour using an app We were just kicking around on the internet when we happened upon this cool freebie.  An interactive Bob Dylan self-guided Greenwich Village Walking Tour for your smartphone! Highlights include: The club he played in The Bitter End, a music club on Bleecker Street where Dylan often played in […]

Playlist: Your Favorite Christmas Songs Covered by Greenwich Village Artists

Christmas songs covered by Greenwich Village Artists

No one can deny Greenwich Village is a place with a unique and cool history. Especially in the 60s, our little neighborhood was known as home to many great musical (and not so musical) artists—each valuing a specific uniqueness to their bold voice. You might’ve read our piece on artists discovered in Greenwich Village, but […]

7 of the Most Uniquely Beautiful Buildings & Streets in Greenwich Village

Uniquely Beautiful Buildings & Streets in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village certainly has a unique charm. It’s an area famous for its role in what many call the Bohemian Revival of the 50s and 60s. The nice thing about The Village is that it’s managed to keep the unique charm from that time—from the jazz clubs to the old-timey restaurants and buildings, it’s all […]

3 Places to Visit With a Spooky History in Greenwich Village

Spooky History Greenwich Village Seabury Tredwell Home

When it comes to a city that has been established as long as New York City, we can expect to hear stories of the past. The history of New York City shows a city that is inventive, adaptive, and pioneering—a place that draws people in from all over the world for an endless variety of […]

51 Years Ago, This Happened

51 Years Ago Bob Dylan Played his first gig here

Bob Dylan’s first real gig happened here 51 years ago According to the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, Bob Dylan played his first professional gig at the beginning of April, 1961 at Gerde’s Folk City, a popular folk music hangout on West 4th Street. This was not only a key moment in his music […]

The Rolling Stones At Washington Square?

Rolling Stones album Cover

The Rolling Stones landed on our shores in 1964 for their first US tour and our hotel was their home base. Can you imagine Keith Richards hanging in the lobby bar? Charlie Watts getting hot sauce advice from Ronnie? Ooh, what I would give to see Mick busting out his Tina Turner-like moves in the […]

Mamas and Papas and Alleys

Mamas and Papas Album Cover

In 1963, 18-year-old Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas co-wrote California Dreamin’ and Creeque Alley with her then-husband John, while living right here at the Washington Square Hotel. We’ve played host to hundreds of artists of all types over the years…something that we’re quite proud of. Isn’t it nice to think that the […]