5 Ways to Fall in Love in Greenwich Village on Valentine’s Day

Greenwich Village on Valentine's Day Date Ideas Guide

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and here in Greenwich Village the air sparkles with the charm, romance, and anticipation this day radiates during the darker days of winter. Maybe it’s true or maybe it’s just your imagination, but everywhere you look on the 14th of February you see couples embracing, holding hands, and whispering […]

Exploring Greenwich Village: Winter Edition

Exploring Greenwich-Village-Snowy Street

Summer is a notoriously popular time to visit New York City, and for good reason. Outdoor fun abounds, from music festivals to strolls through verdant parks. But in a neighborhood as vibrant as Greenwich Village, the goings-on never slow down, even as winter settles over the city. In fact, the window of time after the […]

NYC Rooftop Gardens: An Enchanting Oasis Above the Clouds

Washington Square Hotel NYC Rooftop Gardens

History of NYC Rooftop Gardens Rooftop garden theaters in the Gilded Age had elaborate decorations and its owners enjoyed indulgent entertainment. With the recent implementation of electricity, it was an exciting time for New Yorker’s to peer down into the streets. The NYC rooftop garden has been rediscovered as valuable real estate. Its entertainment past […]

You’re Invited to The Village Trip

The Village Trip Festival Graphic

We may be biased, but we think our bohemian, artistic neighborhood, Greenwich Village, is amazing in so many ways. From the folk scene of the 1960s to the fountains in Washington Square Park, our neighborhood offers visitors and locals offbeat activities, rich culture, top-notch restaurants, and excellent shopping. We’re honored to support a new festival […]

Planning the Perfect Picnic in Greenwich Village

Picnic in Greenwich Village

How is it that summer always seems to fade away much too fast? Somewhere between the outdoor concerts, strolling through the parks, and late-night restaurant bites, the season seems to slip away. When mid-summer days begin to blur together, take advantage of the many wonderful Greenwich Village parks and add a picnic to your summer […]

Caring for a Rooftop Garden in the Middle of Greenwich Village

Caring for Rooftop Garden Janos our Caretaker

The caretaker of our rooftop garden He wakes up a little earlier than most of the city, when the sun is just starting to rise He makes his way to the subway to take a train to Lower Manhattan. He walks into the Washington Square Hotel, waves a friendly greeting at the concierge, then takes […]

Bloody Marys for All!

Snacks at the Bloody Mary Festival

The Bloody Mary has a loyal following that would rival Bruce Springsteen’s fan club! The latest varieties being created by mixologists with fresh local ingredients is giving this perennial favorite a new twist. Wine and beer tastings seem to be happening every weekend in the city. But here’s an event of a different stripe: a Bloody Mary  Festival! […]

Where To Lift a Pint On St. Patrick’s Day

Where to lift a pint on St Patrick's Day Mc Sorleys

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and we don’t know a soul who doesn’t crave a Guinness or a bite or two of bangers and mash on March the 17th. Lucky for us, there are some authentic, decades-old Irish pubs right here that will bring you back to the old country. Here’s where […]

6 New York City Shops for Sweet European Treats

Shops for finding Sweet European treats

New York City is known to be a melting pot of cultures. And that means desserts. Because of this our city gets the best of many worlds, including sweets. Sweet European treats are found in many shops around the city, but here are our favorite Village go-tos. The variety of confections from different cultures in New […]

5 Greenwich Village Icons that Have Stood the Test of Time

Hotel History as Hotel Earle

Few businesses last more than 100 years. But these 5 Greenwich Village Icons have stood the test of time. See why. Our hotel The Washington Square Hotel, formerly The Hotel Earle, has been around for quite some time now – 115 years to be exact. And in those 115 years, our Greenwich Village hotel has […]

WSH’s NYC Planning Guide: The Extravagant Celebration Weekend

NYC Weekend Planning Guide Alice Prin at lunch 1920s

What Kind of Weekend are you celebrating? Planning the perfect weekend for an extravagant celebration? Maybe it’s your 20th wedding anniversary, a big job promotion, or a 21st birthday party. This isn’t your everyday weekend, you’ll be splurging for the best. Think charming city views, drinks by master mixologists, delicate desserts, delectable bakeries, snazzy jazz […]

Four Must-Try French Desserts in Greenwich Village

French Desserts in Greenwich Village

It’s no secret why the French are widely renowned for their food, especially their desserts. Upon walking into our Washington Square Hotel, you’ll quickly notice the European-themed décor, particularly reminiscent of 1920s France. Even though our hotel restaurant offers an eclectic array of desserts, we don’t necessarily specialize in the type of French treats that can […]

The 5 Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Greenwich Village

5 Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Greenwich Village

Hot day, cool ice cream One of the easiest treats to enjoy when the New York City days start getting longer and hotter is sweet, creamy cool ice cream. The City is chock-full of delicious ice cream parlors with classic flavors as well as flavors most of us didn’t even know could be ice cream. […]

Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo Guitarist

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo! We love our Mexican friends and want to celebrate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. That, and we love a good margarita. Here are a few cool things to do on Cinco de Mayo in NYC: Toloache is a renowned Mexican eatery […]

5 of the Best Places for Hard Cider in Greenwich Village

Blind Tiger Cider Shop Exterior Greenwich Village

Beating the cold and the heat New York City winters can be trying when the temperature drops into freezing—and New York City summers can be sweltering after the sun hits the asphalt for too long. Stopping for a mug in the 5 best places for hard cider in Greenwich Village is always welcome. Hard cider […]

6 of the Finest Irish Pubs in Greenwich Village and the East Village

NYC Irish Pubs

There’s nothing quite like a proper pour of Guinness from a quaint Irish establishment, especially in the spring (though really, anytime it can be appreciated). With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, one of your favorite Greenwich Village hotels has come up with a list of some of the finest Irish pubs in our […]

5 Blogs That Will Help You Discover NYC Like a Local

Discover NYC Like a Local with 5 Blogs

Whether you’re in for a visit, or locals like us, just looking for some new things to do or see around the City, you must know: there’s always plenty to be enjoyed on this beautiful Island of ours. And this short list of blogs in the know, focusing on different NYC neighborhoods, has got you […]

Jake’s Rooftop Garden

Jake's Rooftop Garden fresh produce

You know all about Jake’s Rooftop Garden, right? Tommy Benedict, an urban landscaper, (who, by the way, creates those beautiful flower arrangements that you see around the hotel and restaurant) had the brilliant idea to create a garden around the edges of the building on top of the hotel. He is the one who nurtures […]