Discover NYC Like a Local with 5 Blogs

5 Blogs That Will Help You Discover NYC Like a Local

Whether you’re in for a visit, or locals like us, just looking for some new things to do or see around the City, you must know: there’s always plenty to be enjoyed on this beautiful Island of ours. And this short list of blogs in the know, focusing on different NYC neighborhoods, has got you covered for the foreseeable future. From The Washington Square Park Blog, focusing on our very own neighborhood, to the Brooklyn Height’s blog a little further south, you’re bound to find a whole bunch of great information to wet your adventure whistle and help you discover NYC like a local.

The Washington Square Park Blog

Want to know more about Greenwich Village? The Park itself? What’s going on right here in our sweet little neighborhood? Subscribe to this blog. Our most recent post, which went up on the 23rd of August, for example, discusses Hudson River Air Rights Transfer Development, something many of us down in these parts were concerned about, and want to stay abreast on. Not a local, but still interested in finding some fun stuff to do? The WSP Blog will take care of you in that department, too.

Free Williamsburg

This one has been active for 17 years—one might argue, it’s been around even before blogs really came into Vogue. For reliable updates regarding local news and developments—concerts, food, you name it—in or around Williamsburg, this is your spot. Some of their content is a little brash (just visit the site and check out their most recent plug…) But they’re always keeping it real, and for that, we commend them.

Bowery Boogie

This one you might have heard of prior to reading this piece (it’s kind of a big deal in these parts) and that’s okay! We’re a big fan of it, and you should be too! The Bowery Boogie reports on a large variety, and it’s all locally run. Self-described as ‘hyperlocal,’ visit this blog for everything Lower East Side. While they’ve got a great team working to keep you up on all the latest, the Boogie also encourages visitors to submit tips to the site—if you’ve got something good, tell ’em!

The Lo Down

The Lo Down, while also specific to the Lower East Side, is different from the Boogie in a bunch of ways. Here, you’ll find relevant links to the LES, as well as around the City. It’s a little more alternative, and the links it offers will definitely deliver you the goods in a “telling it like we see it” type of way. Their focuses are food, arts, music, nightlife, kids, shopping, real estate, and politics—so know that whatever suits your fancy in the moment, they’ve got you covered.

Brooklyn Heights Blog

This blog covers everything from real estate to news in this most ‘neighborhoodly’ of neighborhoods… If you’re a fan of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, or want to keep up with events going on inside of it (who doesn’t?) visit this site every once in a while. With “Dispatched from America’s First Suburb” (that’s their slogan—sweet, huh?) you’ll be kept on top of what’s most important in the Heights, and what you might be missing out on over here on-Island!

We love our neighborhood, and want you to, too! But this City is a big place, and learning about all it has to offer—what’s going on, etc.—is always time well spent. Enjoy!

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