5 Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Greenwich Village

The 5 Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Greenwich Village


Hot day, cool ice cream

One of the easiest treats to enjoy when the New York City days start getting longer and hotter is sweet, creamy cool ice cream.

The City is chock-full of delicious ice cream parlors with classic flavors as well as flavors most of us didn’t even know could be ice cream. When you’re visiting Greenwich Village or taking a stroll through Washington Square Park you don’t have to travel very far to get a taste of some of the most delicious ice cream in NYC.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 coolest (and equally delicious) ice cream shops perfectly situated in our charming Greenwich Village. From cookie dough served in ice cream form to gelato roses, you’ll probably find yourself trying all 5!

If you’re staying with us here at the Washington Square Hotel and looking for something cool and sweet, our North Square restaurant offers sorbet from Capogiro and other artisanal gelatos.

1. DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections: 55 LaGuardia Place

DŌ has come to make all of your wildest childhood dreams come true. At least the sugary one where you don’t have to sneak to eat the raw cookie dough that is.

DŌ has figured it out and is offering cookie dough that is both gourmet edible and bakeable—the choice is yours! The dough comes in an assortment of flavors ranging from classic chocolate chip and sugar cookie to seasonal flavors such as TwixMix and DunkaDŌo.

Ordering it is similar to ice cream, in a cup (1 scoop or 3) or in a cone. And don’t forget sprinkles! There’s also an ice cream sundae version and milkshake. This is truly a cookie dough lover’s heaven on earth. We can’t think of any other places like it.

So, when you head over to 550 Laguardia Place expect a line but know that it is worth the wait.

2. Snowdays Shaved Cream Co.: 167 7th Avenue

This special dessert evolving from Taiwanese and Korean shaved ice has apparently been popular on the west coast for some time now but has only recently made a splash on the east coast. Snowdays, located at 167 7th Avenue, has brought the phenomena of shaved cream to Greenwich Village.

When you take a bite of the fluffy stuff you can expect the creamy taste found in typical ice cream. The shaved ice is made in small batches with fresh organic dairy. Snowdays uses seasonal ingredients and flavors they say are inspired by the diversity of our City.

Some of those flavors include NY Cheesecake and Roasted Black Sesame. Their vegan option is coconut.

3. I•CE• NY Ice Cream: 101 MacDougal Street

They call themselves the “HOME OF MANGO STICKY RICE ICE CREAM”

Who knew ice cream could be rolled? You’ll have to to see for yourself. This cool treat originated in Thailand and is now an option for your taste buds right here in NYC.

The more unique flavors include Cookie Spree, Chocorilla, Thai I-Ce Tea, and Matcha Mania, but classics are available as well. You can get any combination of flavors, toppings, and sauces if you’re in the mood for creating your own. These unusual flavors make this shop one of the 5 coolest in NYC.

And don’t be fooled by the ice cream being flattened and rolled, it’s still creamy and smooth as you’d expect any delicious ice cream to be.

4. Amorino Gelato: 60 University Place 

You might be thinking this is just another gelato shop, but how many authentic Italian gelato shops in the City serve their gelato in fresh cones and make them look like flowers? That’s right—flowers.

We’re talking high quality, au naturale, and organic traditional gelato.

This little shop also offers their fruity sorbets as a refreshing drink, granitas, and macarons al gelato. That is a typical macaron with a gelato filling instead of the typical cream.

Amorino is just the right amount of unique and quality when it comes to gelato in Greenwich Village.

5. La Newyorkina Mexican Ice: 240 Sullivan Street

This little shop is all about “sharing the sweetness of Mexico” with our New York City amigos. Some of these Mexican sweet treats might remind us of versions we’re used to seeing, however, each item has a slight twist, making it uniquely south of the border.

The most classic treat at La Newyorkina are the paletas, which are Mexican style ice pops made creamy, fruity, filled, and spicy. There’s also Mexican ice cream, which has a consistency between gelato and typical ice cream, the spicy fruit concoctions known as chamoyadas, and marquesitas.

There’s a reason these treats can be found all over Mexico.

The unique thing about these treats are probably the reoccurring spicy flavor options. It might sound out of your comfort zone at first but give it a try! Adding heat to cool is a Mexican specialty!

No other hotel in New York City can boast being right beside Washington Square Park AND having 5 of the coolest ice cream shops in the city within walking distance!

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