Jake's Rooftop Garden fresh produce

Jake’s Rooftop Garden

You know all about Jake’s Rooftop Garden, right?

Tommy Benedict, an urban landscaper, (who, by the way, creates those beautiful flower arrangements that you see around the hotel and restaurant) had the brilliant idea to create a garden around the edges of the building on top of the hotel.

He is the one who nurtures those juicy tomatoes and purple okra into maturity and onto your plate.

Jake’s Rooftop Garden was named after owner Judy Paul’s grandfather and occupies a place of honor on our roof.

Roof-to-Table dining

Chef Yoel Cruz uses the produce and herbs freshly grown in the garden to bring Roof-to-Table dining to North Square.

This year’s crop is thriving!

We’ve got fig and apple trees. Strawberries. Three kids of eggplant and 19, yes nineteen varieties of tomatoes. Green beans, sweet peas, artichokes, beets, Brussel sprouts and lettuces abound.

And do we have peppers? 6 types of hot and ten kinds of sweet. Dozens of herbs, leeks, purple okra and cipollini onions.

Take a look at some of our bounty, like the plum tomatoes shown below:

Jake's Rooftop Garden plum tomatoes

And baby pumpkins:


And beautiful flowers!

Jake's Rooftop Garden flowers

Come by the restaurant and enjoy the fruits of Tommy’s labor!

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