5 Ways to Fall in Love in Greenwich Village on Valentine’s Day

Greenwich Village on Valentine's Day Date Ideas Guide

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and here in Greenwich Village the air sparkles with the charm, romance, and anticipation this day radiates during the darker days of winter. Maybe it’s true or maybe it’s just your imagination, but everywhere you look on the 14th of February you see couples embracing, holding hands, and whispering […]

Exploring Greenwich Village: Winter Edition

Exploring Greenwich-Village-Snowy Street

Summer is a notoriously popular time to visit New York City, and for good reason. Outdoor fun abounds, from music festivals to strolls through verdant parks. But in a neighborhood as vibrant as Greenwich Village, the goings-on never slow down, even as winter settles over the city. In fact, the window of time after the […]

Planning the Perfect Picnic in Greenwich Village

Picnic in Greenwich Village

How is it that summer always seems to fade away much too fast? Somewhere between the outdoor concerts, strolling through the parks, and late-night restaurant bites, the season seems to slip away. When mid-summer days begin to blur together, take advantage of the many wonderful Greenwich Village parks and add a picnic to your summer […]

Looking for a Laugh? The Best Comedy Clubs in Greenwich Village

Exterior of Comedy Cellar Best Comedy Clubs in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village grew its cultural reputation as a home base for the performance arts since before the 1950s when it was the site of famous cafes and clubs such as The Gaslight, Gerde’s Folk City, and The Bitter End. But there’s more. Today, you can have a few laughs at the best comedy clubs in […]

Bloody Marys for All!

Snacks at the Bloody Mary Festival

The Bloody Mary has a loyal following that would rival Bruce Springsteen’s fan club! The latest varieties being created by mixologists with fresh local ingredients is giving this perennial favorite a new twist. Wine and beer tastings seem to be happening every weekend in the city. But here’s an event of a different stripe: a Bloody Mary  Festival! […]

From the 17th to the 21st Century: Greenwich Village Remains a Diamond in The Rough

Greenwich Village Appeal Village Vanguard

Greenwich Village Appeal As We Know It Today What comes to mind when you initially think of Greenwich Village? Beat poets? Earnest folk-singers? The smoky wail of a saxophone? Bookshops, bongo drums, hissing espresso machines? Greenwich Village appeal includes its original architecture, winding streets and a long history of culture. These images of Greenwich Village […]

5 Family-Friendly Winter Activities in New York City

Family-Friendly Winter Activities NYC Frozen Hot Chocolate

New York City is a very family-friendly winter vacation destination. The city offers endless activities for kids including ferry rides to the Statue of Liberty, elevators to the top of the Empire State Building, and an abundance of kid-friendly restaurants. NYC also checks off the boxes for what parents are looking for in a family […]

5 of the Best Winter Activities for a Romantic NYC Weekend Getaway

Romantic NYC Weekend

New York City in winter is one of the most romantic places on earth. One can easily picture a couple, strolling hand in hand, as a soft snowfall blankets Central Park. While often quite chilly, there are few cities with as cheerful an atmosphere or as wonderful winter goings-on. We compiled a short list of […]

6 New York City Shops for Sweet European Treats

Shops for finding Sweet European treats

New York City is known to be a melting pot of cultures. And that means desserts. Because of this our city gets the best of many worlds, including sweets. Sweet European treats are found in many shops around the city, but here are our favorite Village go-tos. The variety of confections from different cultures in New […]

WSH’s NYC Planning Guide: The Extravagant Celebration Weekend

NYC Weekend Planning Guide Alice Prin at lunch 1920s

What Kind of Weekend are you celebrating? Planning the perfect weekend for an extravagant celebration? Maybe it’s your 20th wedding anniversary, a big job promotion, or a 21st birthday party. This isn’t your everyday weekend, you’ll be splurging for the best. Think charming city views, drinks by master mixologists, delicate desserts, delectable bakeries, snazzy jazz […]

The 5 Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Greenwich Village

5 Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Greenwich Village

Hot day, cool ice cream One of the easiest treats to enjoy when the New York City days start getting longer and hotter is sweet, creamy cool ice cream. The City is chock-full of delicious ice cream parlors with classic flavors as well as flavors most of us didn’t even know could be ice cream. […]

5 of the Best Places for Hard Cider in Greenwich Village

Blind Tiger Cider Shop Exterior Greenwich Village

Beating the cold and the heat New York City winters can be trying when the temperature drops into freezing—and New York City summers can be sweltering after the sun hits the asphalt for too long. Stopping for a mug in the 5 best places for hard cider in Greenwich Village is always welcome. Hard cider […]

5 of the Best Bookstores in Lower Manhattan

5 Best Bookstores in Lower Manhattan

Any great metropolitan area will give you your pick of the litter when it comes to bookstores. Sound like a strange assertion? It shouldn’t. Think about it: Portland has Powell’s City of Books, Minneapolis has Wild Rumpus, D.C. has Politics & Prose… the list goes on and on. Luckily for those of us in New […]

7 Unique Museums to Visit in Manhattan

Unique Museums Manhattan

New York, New York. With the number of people and sheer size of this city, there’s bound to be a special amount of uniqueness to it. Sometimes, with all the hustle and bustle of a city as big as New York, the spots that make it so different can be easily overlooked. That’s why we’ve […]

Our Favorite Must-Visit NYC Movie Theaters

Our-Favorite-NYC-Movie Theaters Woman in seat

These movie theaters all offer something a little different—not the usual action hero films. Offbeat, Indie documentaries and films are a specialty in these theaters. Here’s a list of our 5 favorite NYC movie theaters nearby. Sunshine Cinema 143 E Houston Street, New York, NY 10002 Sunshine is one of the more modern you’ll find […]

Manhattan Jazz Clubs and the Washington Square Hotel

Jazz Clubs Manhattan Musicians playing

New York, 1920s, was the beginning of a revolution in music, and Jazz clubs in Manhattan were beginning to spring up. The boys were coming home from the First World War, the skyline was rising, and midtown Manhattan was quickly turning into an economic epicenter. New York was experiencing expansion—not only in terms of buildings […]

How To See A Celebrity On Your First Trip To NYC

How to See A Celebrity on your first trip to NYC

You might be surprised to know it’s incredibly likely that you’ll see a celebrity when walking the streets of New York City. You can pretty much bet that unless they’re in LA or filming someplace around the world, they’re probably someplace around The City That Never Sleeps. Crossing paths with a celebrity can, for those […]

Announcing The Artist Room Project at the Washington Square Hotel

Artist Room Project Washington Square Hotel

We’ve always been fans of the arts. Did you know that one of our owners is a talented painter? Mrs. Paul is responsible for the beautiful artwork dotting the walls of the hotel. So to honor the spirit of creativity that’s resided here and frankly, the entire Village, we’ve put together an Artist In Residence […]

The Village Halloween Parade: What You Need To Know

Village Halloween Parade What You Need to Know

There are Halloween parades, and there are Halloween parades. The annual Greenwich Village march is in the latter category. It’s not merely a procession, people…it’s a party! Here are the details: If you choose to join in on the fun and stroll along with all the other revelers, you must be in costume. And no […]