Village Halloween Parade What You Need to Know

The Village Halloween Parade: What You Need To Know

There are Halloween parades, and there are Halloween parades. The annual Greenwich Village march is in the latter category. It’s not merely a procession, people…it’s a party!

Here are the details:

If you choose to join in on the fun and stroll along with all the other revelers, you must be in costume. And no cheating–slapping a sheet over your head and calling yourself Casper just won’t cut it, folks. Parade organizers want zombies, Breaking Bad guys, French maids, Spidermen (and women), pirates and vampires, lions and tigers and bears.

The more creative, the better, and there will be plenty of competition, as the Village is chock-full of some of the wildest imaginations in the world. You will be joined by 53 different bands, dancers, artists and hundreds of puppets.

Marchers must line up on 6th Avenue and Canal Street between 7 pm and 9 pm to make it into the show.

For viewers, be aware that the parade runs straight up 6th Ave. from Spring to 16th St. It starts at 7 and ends at 11 pm. FYI the streets are most crowded between Bleecker and 14th, so if you choose to plant yourself in that area, it would be wise to get there early to claim your spot.

The Grand Marshall this year? The wonderful Whoopi Goldberg.

And remember, please come by the lounge at North Square after the event and show off your costumes or parade pictures. We’ll be waiting!

Image via John St John/Flickr