NYC Tourists Have The Moves


Or at least this one does. From Funny or Die:   NYC MYSTERY TOURIST DOES NYC LIKE NO ONE BEFORE – watch more funny videos   Check out the scene around 3:20. Look familiar? Have a great weekend, everyone!

Hester Street Fair Is Back


As comes spring, so do the street fairs. This weekend marks the seasonal opening of one of my favorites: the Hester Street Fair, on the Lower East Side. It’s clearly in a fitting location, since historically this area was smack …

Come Have Easter Dinner With Us!


It’s Easter weekend, everyone! The weather promises to act nice, so slap on your bonnet and get thee outside and have some fun. There are still some tables open at the restaurant for dinner here at North Square, so forget …

Get Your Freak On


Okay, I know that it SNOWED last night. (Seriously, Mother Nature? COME ON.) But here’s a sure sign that summer is no-kidding-really-truly coming right around the corner: Saturday marks the season opening of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow! I went …

Chag Pesach Sameach!


That’s “Happy Passover” for all of you folks who can’t speak Hebrew. What a beautiful afternoon for a Seder dinner. We hope all of our Jewish friends are having a wonderful day, spending time with the ones that they love! …

Cherry Blossoms Are (Almost) Here


Little darlings, it’s been a long, cold lonely winner, but now the cherry blossom trees are thisclose to blooming in our parks. Hooray! The Brooklyn Botanical Garden reports that its first tree is starting to blossom. The BBG updates a …

Easter Egg Hunt


So this sounds cool. How about an Easter egg hunt for the 21st Century? Over 250 large, i.e. 2-1/2 feet tall, Faberge-style egg sculptures have been hidden throughout all five boroughs of the city. These are not just any eggs; …