Drawing of whiskey bottles


Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough. —Mark Twain

We agree! That’s why we’re looking forward to the New York City Whiskey Walk this Saturday, March 2nd. Scotch, bourbon and rye lovers can roam the streets of downtown together and sample different varieties of the good stuff at eight local bars.

The strolling and imbibing begins at Sláinte in the East Village, where the organizers ask everyone to check in at 12 noon sharp! (Heed the request! Whiskey drinkers don’t mess around!) The whole shebang lasts until 3 and during that time, you and your fellow guzzlers can enjoy your booze neat, on the rocks or with mixers. The head mixologist will be on hand at each stop on the route: Shades of Green, Plug Uglies, The Copper Still, The Gray Mare, Libation, 2A Bar and Finnerty’s.

It really is a fun way to meet like-minded whiskey lovers and check out an array of downtown bars. Tickets will set you back $65, but remember that you’ll be able to scarf down eight drinks between all the stops, so it seems like a fair deal to us!

Image via Mustafa Kurtuldu/Flickr