Ronnie Jenkins in Hotel Lobby

Meet Ronnie Jenkins

At The Washington Square Hotel, our people are what we value most.

Our staff is not just here to help you with your bags. They understand visitors may be visiting New York and our hotel for the first time, and always make you feel welcome.

There is one employee of the hotel that is mentioned fondly with more frequency on Tripadvisor’s review than any other–by a mile.

Check out these comments from our guests:

“Staff are great, especially Ronnie who helped us every day with great advice.”

“The super friendly concierge, Ronnie was always on hand with great tips on where to go and how to get there, even gave us a sample of his famous chilli sauce to bring home to Australia.”

“Ronnie, the doorman/concierge/bellman and all-around nice guy, was a joy, and really symbolizes the heart and soul of the place.”

The most accurate description of Ronnie’s job is that of our ambassador.

Ronnie Jenkins, a born and bred New Yorker, has been working for the hotel for well over a decade. He is your greeter, your guide and commands the lobby.

He is the go-to guy when you want to experience Greenwich Village and NYC like an insider.

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He’s a fountain of information

…and more than happy to share his knowledge with all the guests so that their trip to New York is just that much better. He is tuned into Greenwich Village happenings as well as cultural and music events around the city. No matter where you want to go, see, drink or eat, Ronnie has the perfect suggestion.

So it only makes sense that from time to time, this blog will ask Ronnie to share with us a tip that he’s currently passing along to our guests.

So check back with the blog and get more advice from our food and entertainment guru, Ronnie!

(Note to Ronnie: I’m not writing nice things about you to get a sample of your famous home-made hot sauce, although frankly, that could be a powerful motive.)