Pot of cassoulet

Cassoulet, s’il vous plait!

Winter weather just screams cassoulet! That rich, slow-cooked casserole of meat (typically pork sausage, goose, and duck), pork skin, and white beans…lots and lots of white beans. Our friends in the southwest area of France known as the Languedoc region created it; we’re happily benefitting from their culinary imagination.

We’re thrilled to tell our guests about a Cassoulet Cook-off on Saturday, January 26th. This is the eleventh time that New York restaurateur Jimmy Carbone will host a group of fifteen both professional and amateur chefs who will compete for bragging rights for the best cassoulet in New York City.

Biba Williamsburg, a waterfront pub in Brooklyn, will provide the space. The cooks will start their stews early in the morning, and the public will arrive at 1 p.m. to chow down and, along with a special designated jury, render their verdict. Whiskey and other spirits, homemade beers, cider and wine will be available to wash the grub down.

A $45 ticket will provide you with three-hour tasting of at least ten cassoulets plus booze capped off with a little bit of chocolate, of course. Tickets should be bought online in advance.

For those of you who can’t make it, but would love to take a stab at preparing cassoulet, here’s a good recipe, courtesy of Food & Wine magazine:


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Image via Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin/Flickr