Two cute dogs

In Celebration of Dogs

Attention canine lovers! Get thee to the American Kennel Club to celebrate man’s best friend through art, books and interactive media.

Introducing the Museum of the Dog! In this recently-opened gallery you’ll find one of the largest collections of art devoted to tail-waggers in the world, a pooch-centered library with over 42,000 books and even a television studio.

Several hundred paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints, bronzes, porcelain figurines and more will celebrate hounds, poodles and beagles throughout the ages. Famous artists such as Edwin Landseer, Maud Earl, and Arthur Wardle will all have their works on display. Plus paintings of the late President George H.W. Bush’s beloved English springer spaniel Millie adorn the walls along with other pooches of note.

There’s an interactive Meet the Breeds touchscreen where you can learn all about your favorite variety’s traits and history. And get this–visitors can also try their hand at training a digital dog.

You can even find out which kind of dog you resemble in the Find Your Match kiosk that takes your photo and determines which dog breed you mostly resemble!

The museum is located in Midtown–Park Avenue and 40th St. Tickets won’t set you back much: $15 for adults, even less for students, seniors and kids under 12.

Have a great weekend, everyone!