Night at the Museum

A Night At The Museum

Remember that movie? In the 2006 film, Ben Stiller played a night watchman at our American Museum of Natural History who discovers that the exhibits, animated by a magical Egyptian artifact, come to life at night.

We’re not so sure about the coming to life part, but wouldn’t it be cool to spend the night surrounded by the African elephants or the 94-foot blue whale or the imposing 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex?

There are two opportunities to do just that. One for kids aged 6 to 13 and one for adults.

For $145, the folks at the museum will provide your little ones cots, evening snacks, and breakfast. The bambinos will enjoy a fossil fact-finding mission by flashlight, a live-animal special exhibition and a film on the wonders of the Arctic.

For grown-ups aged 21 and up, the experience costs $350. But the evening will start out with a champagne reception and music provided by the 12th Night Jazz Trio. Then participants can gorge on a yummy buffet dinner with wine and beer and  have access to special exhibits.

All you have to bring are a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, toothbrush, toothpaste, and washcloth. The organizers will provide everything else.

Dates for the kids are May 20th, June 16th, and June 23rd. Adults can spend the night on May 5th and June 30th. This is truly an only-in-New-York adventure that everyone would love!

If you go, let us know if anything comes to life. You never know, right?

Image via Facebook