Drawing of the WSP arch in 1925.

Time Travel With Us

If you hadn’t already noticed, all of us here at the hotel are obsessed with history. So when we found this cool film from The New Yorker that juxtaposes the New York City of today with that of the 1930’s, we just had to share it!

My, my how things have changed.

For one, check out the volume of traffic–or lack thereof. And back in the day, there weren’t any rollerbladers–and certainly not Citi Bikes–in Central Park. Hot dog vendors were a thing of the future and there were street cars in Harlem to help New Yorkers get around. Billboards along Riverside drive weren’t selling inexpensive H&M clothing or the latest reality show on TLC–they were hawking Camels! (“More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.) Not only were there no bike lanes, but there weren’t any crosswalks to boot. Pedestrians beware!

But some things remain the same. The American Museum of Natural History, the Frick, the Empire State Building and the Grant Memorial on Riverside Drive haven’t changed a bit. Times Square is still the center of the theater world (some say the whole world) and just as bustling today. Horse and buggies linger by Central Park awaiting passengers. And the taxis may look different, but (most of them) are still yellow and plentiful.

Take a look at this short film and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Image via Facebook