LinkNYC Guide

LinkNYC: What You Need To Know

In April 2014, the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications had the idea to convert over 7,000 obsolete payphones in NYC into something modern and effective. This system is now operational, so here’s LinkNYC: what you need to know.

Fast-forward two years and voila: LinkNYC.

LinkNYC is designed to cover New York City with free Wi-Fi service most anywhere you go. Link will bring anyone and everyone with a Wi-Fi capable cell phone free, encrypted, and gigabit wireless Internet coverage.

The innovative wireless communication company has converted hundreds, and eventually thousands (upwards of 7,500!) of these old payphones into Wi-Fi connection hotspots. And it gets better: over the next several years, LinkNYC will be available all throughout the five boroughs, keeping the whole of NYC connected—as we should be.

Links, as they’re affectionately beginning to be referred to as around the City, are quite simple.

At approximately 9.5 feet tall, each of these little kiosks is equipped with gigabit speed, an encrypted Wi-Fi connection, and an impressive range of 150-feet.

They also have USB charging stations, which have proven incredibly useful to us with smartphones (so, all of us). Links also have the capacity to help you make free phone calls anywhere in our big ‘ol USA. All you need is the Vonage app. Nifty, huh?

Why are we so excited about these LinksNYC?

Well, really, we’re excited for all of you. Wi-Fi is the way of technology these days. For instance, it’s everywhere in Europe, and we fancy ourselves a boutique hotel, much like those you’d find over the pond.

The only problem is that most of what surrounds us here at the Washington Square Hotel isn’t anything like Europe (save, maybe, the Washington Mews, which is about as perfectly Euro-chic as it gets down here in NYC). That said, while Wi-Fi can be located, it is generally slow or service is often sporadic.

And never mind finding a free outlet to plug in your dying phone… talk about a hassle.

In the coming years, LinksNYC will be available all over the City.

All it will take is a simple click and you can find the location of dozens of these little hotspots all over our island and borough counterparts.

Right now, New York locals and its visitors are the lucky ones, getting the first crack at this new communications network. Things are beginning to roll out (hence: LinkNYC—eventually, they’ll expand over other cities as well).

We’re so excited for things to really take off, and with gigabit speed 100 times faster than both average public Wi-Fi and your LTE network, we think this is going to stick. Next time you stay with us, don’t forget to give Links a go. Hassle free-touring on the go. What more could you want?

These hotspots are made by New Yorkers, for New Yorkers—so now that you’ve been given the chance, get the full NYC experience and be one of the first to try out LinkNYC.

Photo via Instagram.