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Latte For All!

We don’t know about you, but when we’re hanging out on a Sunday morning, reading the paper and sipping coffee…something…is…missing.

Oh yeah, We don’t have those pretty hearts made with steamed milk that our local barista can create with her eyes closed. Or that tulip design that the guy at Starbucks made for us just last week.

Wouldn’t it be nice to recreate that professional cuppa feeling at home and impress the ones you love?

Well, now you can. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in the Flatiron District is offering a two-hour course dedicated to the practice of steaming milk and pouring latte art! Aside from the requisite hearts, students will learn via hands-on coaching how to create rosettas and tulips.

The instructors go deep in the weeds on the chemical makeup of milk, so you can understand how to steam milk to your preferred texture, be it cappuccino or latte, and how to steam it in different sized pitchers. (Who knew it was so involved?)

The next class is on January 18th from 1 to 3, but Irving Farms holds one once a month all year long. Cost is $100 and you can purchase tickets here.

Image via Michael Allen Smith@INeedCoffee