Greenwich Village for Business Travelers

3 Reasons Greenwich Village is Perfect for Business Travelers


The hectic areas of New York City can be overwhelming for business travelers

Doing business in NYC is already stressful, so why not take a break? We promise we’re not being biased when we say Greenwich Village is the perfect place to call home when you are on a business trip. To prove it, we’ve listed 3 reasons Greenwich Village is a great place for business travelers.

1. It is the ideal location

Ideally located within a mile of midtown and walking distance of most of the places worth visiting (In your downtime), Greenwich Village is a quieter, friendlier place than TimesSquare.

Lower buildings, less traffic, original architecture and a friendly vibe are a welcome relief from the noise and congestion of midtown.

Smaller, local hotels, like The Washington Square, are places where everybody knows your name.

View a map of what is within a mile of our hotel

2. Getting around is easy

You don’t have to be an expert in New York City transportation to easily get to and from Greenwich Village. The Village is one of the most ideal locations in Manhattan for doing business, especially if you have multiple destinations to get to.

Three different subway lines converge in Greenwich Village from 3 different directions.

You can find your way to and from The Village via several subway lines including: the 1, 2, or 3, the A, C, or E, the B, D, F or M, the R, W, or Q, the L, and the 4, 5, or 6. You’re also just 3 stops away from Times Square, which is a hub for the rest of the city. If you’re looking beyond public transportation you can also get convenient car service to Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK airports. View the MTA subway map here

3. Dining is superb

Greenwich Village has something for everyone when it comes to food, from fine dining to quick bites. Many business people meet clients in our North Square Restaurant or gather at amazing local eateries nearby.

During good weather, Little Italy and Chinatown are a short walk away and The Village has a wide variety of dining. The West Village is packed with wonderful places to eat.

Be seen at the celebrity-frequented Mermaid Oyster Bar or Babbo (Right across the street from our hotel), or excellent low-key hole in the wall eateries such as Pomme Frites or Artichoke Basille Pizza.

There’s also a slew of historic establishments, from Chumley’s, frequented by the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald to the Minetta Tavern, a favorite of Ernest Hemingway.

If your sweet tooth is calling, find your way to an authentic French bakery such as Mille-Feuille Bakery or if you’re looking for a quick coffee you may want to head to Stumptown Coffee Roasters or Think Coffee.

4. Entertainment is unique

There’s no shortage of unique entertainment nearby when you’re in The Village. Greenwich Village is home to multiple off-Broadway theaters such as the historic Cherry Lane Theatre. Treat your clients to something different when you entertain them.

Music in the Village

Music is what we do best in the West Village, and it is home to some of the most famous jazz clubs and cafes in Manhattan. You can head to Blue Note where Ray Charles played or the Village Vanguard where Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk played.

If jazz isn’t your thing you can find other clubs and cafes that host many different genres of music, such as Café Wha? where Bob Dylan frequently played and was discovered.

5. Museums are nearby

There are also multiple museums and galleries in the area and you’re a short walk away from The Whitney American Museum of Art and the start of the High Line Park. Talking business among amazing art or relaxing with colleagues after a meeting is a great way to connect on another level.

We know, we listed 5 great reasons to stay in Greenwich Village on business. There are so many more! New York City is a big, big city, but choosing to make Greenwich Village your home base when you’re traveling for business is a savvy choice.

After a couple of stays, its local and community-oriented feel can make the city feel a little more like a second home.

When you are here on business, The Village is a relief from the hectic city. That’s why savvy travelers come back again and again!

If you’re looking for a hotel, take a look at our Business Traveler’s Checklist for Greenwich Village to find out why the Washington Square Hotel is a good fit for you.

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