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Blogger Confessional: Thanksgiving Edition

So here’s the thing. I think everyone knows how much I love to eat, because, well, I write about my passion for food and drink all the time. But, sadly, this blogger can’t cook to save her life. With the holiday season fast approaching,  I shudder in fear at the thought of roasting a turkey, have never made a pie–and cranberry sauce? Just the wiggly jelly stuff from the can. I mean, how can you screw up mashed potatoes, people? How does that happen?

So by now, you’ve probably figured out you where I’m going with this. Yup, I plan to bring my brood to North Square this Thanksgiving. That’s right. Chef Yoel Cruz to the rescue! He’s put together a drool-worthy menu that everyone in the family will give thanks for.

For $65 per person, you can get a three-course Turkey Day feast with all the trimmings. I’m going to start with my favorite: roasted butternut squash soup. Then I plan to chow down on a traditional T-day entreé with free-range Hudson Valley Turkey, seven-grain stuffing, cranberry relish (bye-bye canned stuff!), with garlic mashed potatoes or pumpkin and sweet potato puree’. I’m also going to finish my meal in the traditional way: pecan pie with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce. I. Can’t. Wait.

Diners who are not fans of fowl can dine on pork rib-eye, pumpkin seed crusted salmon, marinated skirt steak, sea scallops, arctic char, venison or lamb shank.  Shrimp bisque, eggplant rollatini, lobster crab cakes, kale and treviso salad and tuna tartare make awesome non-Thanksgivingsy starters. (Yes, I know “Thanksgivingsy” is not a real word.)

The bottom line is, not everyone is on board for turkey, and nobody but nobody is eager to clean up. So why not please everyone and join us for Thanksgiving? We’re taking reservations now, so head here to claim your table.

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