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Summer Streets!

Seven miles of Park Avenue will be declared “shared zones” for the next three Saturday mornings (6th, 13th and 20th) during the annual Summer Streets festival. Yes, cars will be allowed, but the speed limit will be a mere 5 mph. The Department of Transportation wants to encourage folks to use more sustainable forms of transportation, like bicycles…and their own feet! So between 7 am and 1 pm, take a leisurely tour of the avenue from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park by hoof or by cycle.

A WalkNYC map will be made available that will highlight points of interest for your Park Avenue stroll. There will be food, entertainment, physical activities and cultural programming aplenty along the way.

Five rest stops will be available: Uptown, Midtown, Astor Place, Soho and Foley Square. At these, you can tackle a 30-foot zipline, gape at the Bryant Park Jugglers, plop down in an Adirondack chair and listen to waves at the Hallmark Channel’s Sound of the Shore, cuddle four-legged fur balls at the Paws and Play Dog Park, take fitness classes courtesy of Crunch gym and nosh on beefless bourguignon from Gardein.

Or you can snack on Cabot cheese, take advantage of free bike and roller blade rentals courtesy of Bike & Roll, experience a previously un-experienceable innertube ride on the streets of Manhattan (I’m not kidding), swing on a hammock and sip coconut water.

There are also plenty of guided walking tours available, where you can learn the history of various parts of Park Avenue, or you can be your own tour guide and follow a map in a TV and Movie Sites Walking Tour.

And remember, everything is free and appropriate for all ages. Check it out!

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