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Pillow Fight!

Anyone in for some harmless, stress-relieving hand-to-cushion combat? Come to Washington Square Park this Saturday, April 7th for our annual pillow fight!

Just bring a pillow to the fountain in the center of the park, right by the arch at 3 p.m. (For the sake of clean-up, prospective combatants are urged not to bring feather pillows.)  Don’t have a pillow? Mattress Firm will have some on sale nearby at their Noho location (652 Broadway) for only $5. Even better? The proceeds will go towards their Foster Kids program, which provides little ones with enriching opportunities like teams sports, dance classes and field trips. (There will also be a donation truck for your padded weapons post-combat.)

The rules are few and are just common sense. Don’t swing at people who aren’t similarly armed,  hit your opponent softly–no need to bash anyone’s head in–and for God’s sake, take off your glasses!

Head over to North Square for our always-yummy happy hour (beer, wine, and snacks start at $6) and tell us how many opponents you managed to vanquish!

Image via Facebook