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Take a Coffee Break!

We New Yorkers love our coffee (pronounced “caw-fee”, thankyouverymuch), whether it be iced, Irish, fancy latte, espresso or good ole regular. (For those who may not know, “regular” is New Yorkese for coffee with cream and sugar. Now you know how to order a cup in a bodega! You’re welcome.)

So it comes as no surprise–because we have a festival for just about everything you could think of–that there is a New York Coffee Festival! This weekend, there will be tastings, interactive workshops and barista demonstrations from more than 85 coffee-industry insiders.

The action takes place at the Metropolitan Pavilion right next door in Chelsea. There will be latte art demonstrations, blind tastings, and a coffee cocktail bar. The Coffee Music Project will take place, a music competition showcasing the creativity and talents of emerging musicians. Why music at a festival celebrating a cuppa joe, you ask? Because, well…music!

Vendors run the gamut from Bodum to Raaka virgin chocolate. You’ll find street food, macarons, and other yummy baked goods to accompany your mugs of brew.

Tickets cost $24.50 for a single day pass online ($30 at the door) and $75 for a multiple three-day access ($90 at the door). With that, you’ll get more coffee than anyone has a right to drink, plus access to all of the exhibitors, seminars, and workshops in the event. Plop down a little more for a VIP ticket ($45 online; $60 at the door) and you’ll get a host of other goodies like a fancy tote back and an easier, fast-track entrance.

Did we mention that 100% of the proceeds will go to Project Waterfall to support life-changing water project in coffee–growing regions? A nice bonus, if you ask us.

Word to the wise. At one point, do yourself a favor and switch to decaf! (We’re just sayin’!)

Image via Carlos Duplessis/Flickr