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Let’s Take a Trip Back to 1960

We came across this cool video on Greenwich Village in 1960 while surfing the interwebs:



People still play chess in Washington Square Park, but these days they’re more likely to wear baseball caps than fedoras. Children and dogs still abound.

Poets, philosophers, and artists perpetually flock here. The Judson Memorial Church to this day houses the Judson Gallery, which serves as a home for experimental, boundary-pushing art.

Musicians, performers, and buskers regularly populate the park and impromptu jam sessions are still common today.

The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit, the world’s largest outdoor art show, still takes place twice yearly.

You can stuff your face with sausage and peppers and zeppoles at Feast of San Gennaro to this day.

And if you want to be hip, you wanna learn to swing, and be able to dig and take in everything, avoid being a square. Be an in chick with an out crowd. Be cool without being cold and remain young and never grow old.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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