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Let’s Dance!

Fans of dance will love this one. This Saturday, May 19th, there will be a Dance Parade here in the city. 10,000 dancers from all around the world will descend on our city to strut their stuff.

The fun starts at 21st and Broadway, and will two-step and boogie down through Union Square and then head east along Saint Marks Place to Tompkins Square Park.

What kind of dancing will you see?  Tap, Ballet, Tango, Brazilian, Bulgarian Folk, and Bellydance. Modern, Taiwanese Acrobatic, Jazz and Hip-Hop. Samba, Chinese Classical, Bolivian Salay and Indonesian. Over eighty unique styles of dance will be on display.


The theme of the parade this year is The Cabaret of Life, intended to remind people that the arts affect us in many ways, both as an audience and participant.

Post-parade, hang out in Tompkins Square Park from 3 to 7 p.m. for DanceFest. Five stages will feature performances by the dancers from the parade will be on hand, plus attendees can engage in their own social dancing and lessons will be on hand for all us wannabees.

Image via Facebook