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Last Call For Hot Chocolate!

A few days ago I told you about a beer festival. Today, I want to turn all of you on to a fete of a different flavor:

The City Bakery, on 18th Street, has been holding their Hot Chocolate Festival the entire month of February. If you’re not familiar with this particular patisserie, suffice it to say that New York magazine feels that, “City Bakery is to hot chocolate what Katz’s is to pastrami.” Which we all know is a very, very good thing, right?

Each day, the fine folks at CB feature a different flavored mug of the yummy stuff. For instance, on Valentine’s Day they served “Love Potion Hot Chocolate”, and today they’re hawking “Peanut Butter Stout Hot Chocolate.”

If you haven’t been there, there’s still time. Here’s the schedule for the final days:

2/22: Banana Peel Hot Chocolate
2/23: Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate
2/24: Bourbon Hot Chocolate
2/25: Darkest Dark Hot Chocolate (Mmmmmmm!!!)
2/26: Rum Raisin Hot Chocolate
2/27: “Happy” Hot Chocolate

So far they’re keeping mum on the flavor they plan to feature next Friday in the festival finale. (Guess I’ll have to go check it out.)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!