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More Festivals!

Our favorite thing about New York is that we’re such a melting pot. Anyone that’s in any way curious about a particular ethnicity or religion or lifestyle, even, can find an event where they can broaden their horizons, make new friends, and discover new foods!

The 15th Annual Arab-American and North African Street Festival takes place this Saturday, July 8th. Head to Great Jones Street between Broadway and Lafayette streets from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to celebrate the contributions they’ve made to our culture through food, music, art, and literature. About 30 Arab and North African vendors will be selling food (tagine, anyone?), music, films, clothes, traditional (and non-traditional) henna. Those that want to completely transport themselves to another continent can smoke hookahs filled with shisha (molasses-based tobacco).

And yes, there will be a booth that will solely cater to kids! Everyone is welcome!

Image via Facebook