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If Life Gives You Lemons…

What’s the #1 drink for the summer? Lemonade! (Okay, maybe #2. Beer just may top them all.) Here are a few joints around the city where you can get the tastiest thirst-quencher around:

Kitchenette, up in Harlem, wants to make you feel like you’re in your Grandma’s house. In fact, the pink lemonade recipe comes directly from one of the owner’s nanas and is made with fresh blackberries and raspberries. (Hint: the biscuits are killer, too.) ($3.50)

Taim Falafel, with locations in the Village and Nolita plus a food truck,  is famous for their fresh ginger mint lemonade ($3.50). Mmmm!!!

Pier 1 Cafe is right on the water, located at 70th Street and Riverside Park. Their specialty, blueberry lemonade–fresh squeezed lemons with blueberries ($3.50).  They turn it into an adult beverage, called the Cucu Lemon, by adding cucumber vodka ($12).

Southeast Asian mini-chain Num Pang Sandwich Shop really mixes it up with a blood orange lemonade ($4.25)

Jack’s Wife Freda has two locations: one on Carmine St. and one on Lafayette. Their Mediterranean turn on lemonade comes with a healthy dollop of mint ($6). They also add Pimm’s and ginger to create their own Pimm’s Cup cocktail ($13).

Happy summer slurping, everyone!

Image via amy gizienski/Flickr