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Hot Stuff!

Anyone who’s ever stayed at our hotel is familiar with Ronnie Jenkins, right? And if you’ve stayed here more than once, there’s a good chance that you have been one of the lucky ones gifted with a bottle of Ronnie’s homemade hot sauce! It’s hot, spicy and gives a kick in the you-know-where to everything you add it to. If you love the fiery stuff, as we do, you’ll be drooling over the 5th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo taking place in Brooklyn this weekend, April 22nd and 23rd.

For a mere $10 admission ($15 at the door) you’ll get tastings from 45 of the best hot sauce companies around the world. You can refresh your palate by purchasing a variety of craft beers, then blow it back up again with spicy mixed drinks and food. (Kids under 8 are free.)

If you’re a V.I.P. (and you know you are), plunk down $40 to get a BBQ box platter, a bottle of celebrity chef Chris Santos’s BBQ sauce, three beer tokens and a limited edition 5th Annual NYC Expo poster to hang in your room to let your pals know that you ARE the King or Queen of hot sauce.

A super V.I.P. ticket will get you all that plus an open bar and hot sauce and food pairings in a cordoned off area. Plus a copy of Chile Pepper Magazine (who knew?), a bottle of High River limited edition hot sauce and a V.I.P. gift bag.

Curious as to the vendors? Well, they include Big Daddy Assburn from Houston (our favorite, because, well, the name, come on), Cajohns from Columbus, Ohio, Culley’s, all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, Puckerbutt Pepper Company from Fort Mills, SC, Angry Goat Pepper from Bratford, VT and Hell’s Kitchen from right here in Brooklyn.

Since Bloody Marys are mother’s milk to hot sauce aficionados, there will be a competition and a trophy awarded for the Bloody Mary-Mix Down. (Think that’s silly? You won’t when you find out the winner takes home $2500.)

And there will be the Screaming Mi Mi Awards, self-described as, “The Ultimate Award in the Hot Sauce Industry.” There are over a dozen categories to be awarded: Asian, Caribbean, and Louisiana style, chipotle, fruit-based, fruit-based hot habanero, jalapeno, pepper blend, chicken wing, spicy BBQ, spicy salsa and for the truly brave, XXX hot sauce.

Hot sauce heads should click here for tickets!

Image via Wesley Fryer, Flickr