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Food Book Fair

There are few things we like better than food and books. So no doubt we are more than eager to attend the upcoming Food Book Fair running today through Sunday, the 14th.

Here are some highlights:

Tonight there will be an evening of food and films showcasing an exclusive collection of stories and film shorts from places like Haiti, Mexico and Lebanon. A Cambodian pop-up restaurant, Kreung, will be on hand to feed you delicacies such as trey angh (grilled catfish wrapped in a banana leaf) and the Brooklyn Brewery will wet your whistle with their fine beers.

Those intrigued with joining the world of food media will enjoy Friday’s activities. One is a boot camp, in which participants interested in working in food media  will dine with and pick the brains of established pros. There will also be a literary speed dating session, in which those same aspiring writers can have the chance to talk with publishing mavens like Anna Hezel, a senior editor at TASTE, and Laurie Woolever, a writer and editor at Anthony Bourdain Books.

Saturday morning will bring the opportunity to have breakfast with Liz Prueitt and April Bloomfield of the John Dory Oyster Bar. Tartine All Day is the name of the book they’ve written, and the ladies will whip up a breakfast inspired by the tome before being joined in conversation by Kerry Diamond, co-founder of Cherry Bombe magazine. (Attendees will also leave with a copy of the book.) Katie Kitamura and Emma Staub, two noted writers of fiction will be on hand to sign their latest books (A Separation and Modern Lovers respectively), and nosh on hors d’ouvres inspired by both novels.

That evening, chef and author Alex Raji will host a spirited conversation about Jewish food around the world with Jewish Food Society founder Naami Shefi and Eli Sussman chef-owner of Samesa. Tapas and gin and tonics will be on the menu!

On Sunday, they’re not forgetting that it’s Mother’s Day. Nibble+squeak, a dinner club for parents and their little squeakers, will join the organizers in hosting a brunch complete with music and readings.

These are only a handful of happenings during the festival. Events range in cost form $5 to $150. Get tickets and more info here!.

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