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Factory Art

From sugar to art in 132 short years.

The Domino Sugar alcohol en viagra Factory in Williamsburg dates from 1882, but the oldest pharmacy in canada refinery stopped operating in 2004. Today, while the building awaits razing and redevelopment into offices and residential towers, it’s being temporarily used as a home for art projects.

Kara Walker is a multifaceted artist of sculptures, cutouts, drawings and films. Her project, entitled “Subtlety” or “Marvelous Sugar Baby: an Homage to the unpaid and overworked Artisans who have refined our Sweet tastes from the cane fields to the Kitchens of the New World on when was cialis discovered the Occasion of the is generic viagra for real demolition of the Domino Sugar Refining Plant” will run starting today through July 6th.

Walker’s work has always shined a light on slavery and racism, and as sugar production in the 18th century led to a marked rise in the demand for slaves from Africa, the Domino Sugar Factory is an ideal venue to host her work.

The installment centers on a giant female sphinx composed of sugar. Beside the sphinx are human-scale, 5-foot tall children the color of molasses, based on once-popular porcelain trinkets that featured cherubic slaves toting baskets. Walker’s work is always moving and I can’t wait to see it.

The exhibit runs Fridays from 4-8 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6 p.m. and is free.

If you can’t make this exhibition, try and check out Kara Walker’s art in the future.

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