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Easter Egg Hunt

So this sounds cool. How about an Easter egg hunt for the 21st Century? Over 250 large, i.e. 2-1/2 feet tall, Faberge-style egg sculptures have been hidden throughout all five boroughs of the city.

These are not just any eggs; they’ve been designed by renowned artists, designers, architects and photographers. (Jeff Koons, Ralph Lauren,Tommy Hilfiger, Bruce Weber, Carolina Herrera, Peter Beard and Julian Schnabel are just a few of the artists involved.)

The hunt began yesterday and runs through 4/17, after which the sculptures will be displayed in Rockefeller Center for a few days before being auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

Folks who want to join in the search need to first download the Faberge Big Egg Hunt app. They then can use the app, Facebook or Twitter to receive clues on locations of the eggs. Once they spot one, they can scan a code next to it, which will note on their phone that they’ve found the egg and enable them to enter a sweepstakes. The prizes are no joke. Once a week a spectacular Fabergé precious gem stone pendant valued at between $30,000-$50,000 will be won by one lucky hunter.

It’s great that 100% of the money from the auction will go to two charities:  Elephant Family, which raises money for Asia’s endangered elephants and Studio in School, which funds visual arts education for children in New York City.

Happy hunting!