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Chow Down While Touring The Village

Here’s a tour that hits some of the classic food highlights of the Village–and some of my favorites. The Original Greenwich Village Food and Walking Tour takes place daily, and is priced at a reasonable $52 for a duration of 3 hours and many samples of the local goods. Here are some of the places you’ll hit:

Joe’s Pizza is serious New York style pizza and one of the best in the city. You must eat this pizza. You must eat this pizza folded, in your hands. No knife and forks allowed or New Yorkers may yell at you. (Nah–they really won’t; they’ll just look at you funny.) (But Jon Stewart may make fun of you on TV.)

O & O Olive Oil Shop will serve special olive spreads on Tuscan bread; Faicco’s Pork Store will provide arancini, or rice balls.

Murray’s Cheese Shop is a tour stop and is, in my opinion, hands-down the best cheese emporium in the city: tops in variety, quality and knowledgeable service.

Italian restaurant Pesce will feed you meatballs just like your momma and Rafele will have eggplant rollatini so any vegetarians in the group don’t miss out.

If you need more cheese (and yes, you do), Home Restaurant will serve three-cheese mac and cheese.

And yes, there is dessert. Rocco’s Pasticceria brings the cannoli; they’ve been doling out goodies in the neighborhood since 1974. Milk and Cookies Bakery will serve warm samples of their wares.

The menu obviously skews heavily Italian, which can only be a good thing, right? And in between stuffing your face, the guides will teach you about local architecture, history and culture, so you ended up smarter to boot. A win-win situation, no?

Check out details and reserve your ticket here.

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