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So this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Of course you’re going to bring yours to North Square so she can stuff her face with yummy food that she didn’t have to lift a finger to cook, right? I thought so.

But what else can you do to make momma feel like #1?

I have three words for you: chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.

Here are some of the best chocolatiers in New York. Be prepared to salivate:

Jacques Torres Chocolate has six locations around the city. (The closest outlet to the hotel is on Hudson Street in Soho.) Champagne truffles, chocolate marshmallows, hot chocolate, cookies and of course those bite-into-them-to-find-out-what-they-are boxes of chocolates are just a few of the offerings. If you really love your mom, and you have the bucks to splurge, you can spring for the 12 Months of Chocolate package, in which mama receives chocolates personally selected by Jacques every month for a year.

Kee’s Chocolates also has several locations, and their chocolates are all hand-made. They’ve got dark chocolate bars, milk chocolate bars and over a dozen varieties of macaroons. (The blood orange with green tea one sounds insane.)

L.A. Burdick, in the Flatiron district, hails from New Hampshire. Bon bons, bars, dipped caramels, truffles…plus tiny chocolate mice and penguins which are even cuter than you’d think they would be.

MarieBelle is right a short walk away from us in Soho. Crunchy bark chocolates with almonds, pistachios or hazelnuts. Small chocolate bars wrapped in 1940’s Vargas pin-up girl packages. Plus their Brown Box, an assortment of fleur de sel, coffee, dark chocolate and milk flavors. Even Joan Crawford would be satisfied.

Enjoy your time with Mom! And if you’re the one being celebrated, have a wonderful day!