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“Look up here, I’m in Heaven.”

–David Bowie, Lazarus

We miss Ziggy Stardust. (Cancer is cruel, people.) And we’re not the only ones. The Brooklyn Museum will help ease the pain a bit with their David Bowie Is exhibition through July 15th. The organizers from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London gained unprecedented access to Bowie’s personal archive, and the collection has been touring the world for five years; its final stop will be here in New York City.

How often do you get to explore the creative process of a person whose sustained reinventions, innovative collaborations, and bold characterizations revolutionized the way we see music…and ourselves and our own identities? Not often.

About 400 objects will be on exhibit, covering the entirety of Bowie’s career. What can you expect? Handwritten lyric sheets, original album art, photographs, videos…even some (most?) of his incredible costumes (over 60!). Think a sketch of the Young Americans cover alongside rare footage from the Diamond Dogs tour. The installation is multimedia, so you can expect continuous audio along with projected animation and video.

A few special events will be peppered throughout the exhibition. Performance: Mindtravel with Bowie, an aural tribute to David’s philosophical side will take place on the evening of March 22nd. Burnt Sugar Arkestra, aptly described as a “multiracial jam army” will pay tribute to the Bowie songbook on March 29th.

Here’s the skinny on the tickets. Weekdays adults are charged $20, seniors and students $12, and kids $6. (3 and under are free.) Prices are slightly higher on the weekends at $25, $16, and $10 respectively.

There are other priority tickets that you can check out online: the Lighting Bolt, Ziggy Stardust, Let’s Dance, Young Americans, and Aladdin Sane, which include various perks like priority access, merchandising packages, exclusive print editions and for the super-fancy, exclusive access with a curator-led tour.

Reservations may not be absolutely necessary, but you’ll thank us that we advised you to plan ahead.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Image via Griggzz/Flickr