Grab Your Sleds!

So you’re in the city, it’s crazy cold and Mama Nature has just dumped a foot of the white stuff on the ground. What do you do?

Get thee a sled! Here are a few of the best slopes to whoosh down in our parks:

Central Park: Pilgrim Hill, which you’ll find if you enter at 72nd and 5th, is the most popular spot. But be prepared for crowds. The tiniest sledders would probably be better off at Cedar Hill, at Fifth Avenue between 76th and 79th Streets.

Riverside Park: Thrill-seekers will love the steep slope at Riverside and 91st Street–often referred to as “Suicide Hill”. Hay bales situated at the bottom help cushion the blow. (There’s also another great hill in the park by 103rd Street.)

Morningside Park: Head up to the hill at Morningside Drive and 115th Street and hang with the Columbia University kids. We used to use cafeteria trays back in the day–do you suppose they still do? (My guess is that some things never change.)

Enjoy the snow day!