Take A Ride Along The Manhattan Waterfront


There are lots of places to ride in our bicycle-friendly city, but the Manhattan waterfront provides views that are out of this world. There are several bike paths to take along the Hudson, along the west side of the island, or on the opposite side, along the East River.

The Hudson River Greenway is the longest, running along the west side from Dyckman Street all the way down to Battery Park in the south. The trail will take you through Hudson River Park and Riverside park. Be aware that riders have to use city streets in a tiny stretch in Harlem, but there are ample signs to point you in the right direction.

The East River Greenway runs on the opposite side of the island, from East Harlem down to the Battery. Again, there’s a gap of a few miles from 34th to 83rd streets in Midtown, but cyclists can use bike lanes in the street until they are able to get back on the trail.

One more route is the Harlem River Greenway, which, while short, is not interrupted. Ride northward from 155th Street at the north end of Central Harlem to Dyckman Street in Northern Manhattan. A bike lane in Dyckman Street connects across Inwood to Inwood Hill Park and the Hudson River Greenway.

If you can’t ride a  bike, don’t be embarrassed! Head to Pier 54, by West 13th street, which is designated as a safe space for kids (and adults) to learn how to ride bikes. You can even take a class through Bike New York.

Take A Safari In New York City


No tents or camouflage duds required. There are hundreds of walking tours of our fair city..literary, historical, scary, television show locations and food-centric. But here’s one that sounds really cool and different: the New York City Photo Safari.

This tour is clearly meant for lovers of photography. The guides are working professional shutterbugs who have a passion not only for photography, but for teaching as well. They discuss basics like composition and lighting and then give the participants on-the-spot assignments. Students’ work is critiqued and they’re then given suggestion on how to improve.

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Make no mistake, this is not a regular walking tour. According to the website:

“Our goal is to help you take home great pictures of New York AND skills that last a lifetime! Although our photo tours take place in historically significant locations and are a great way to experience Manhattan, they are photography workshops rather than a substitute for a guided walking tour.”

Honestly, it sounds like anyone from an eager photography student to someone armed with no more than an iPhone and zero talent (ahem, me) could benefit from this tour if they wanted to. The only true must on the “must brings” list is that your camera be digital. But even if you don’t have a camera, you can rent one from the tour outfit.

The basics: Safaris are rain or shine, but if the weather is truly inclement, they’ll contact you. (Clouds and drizzle: okay. Downpours and hail: not so much.) Cost is $100 for two hours of instruction.

Outings include New York City After Dark, in which night photography in Times Square is explored; Museum Inside Out, which is described as exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art with your camera through use of light; and The New Urban Jungle, which tackles the High Line.

Clearly this class is not for everyone, but even ham-handed would-be photographers (again, ahem, me) would get something out of it. And it sounds like fun.



See New York City Your Way


Have you heard about Vayable? If you haven’t listen up.

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While there’s nothing wrong with the big red bus tours, visitors to New York are usually a curious sort and want to really dig in to our crazy, melting-pot culture. Vayable is a vacation tour planner that promises “unique trips and adventures curated just for viagra canada you”.

Culinary-based tours. Historical walks. Sails along the Hudson. If you want to take a focused excursion given by a local, just head to the website, type in New York search, and tons of offers come up.

You can sign up for everything from a Midnight Food Crawl for $59 to a Sketch Tour where an artist takes you to favorite secret sketching spots for $50. Or what about the Thrift With Your New Gay BFF tour, in which a style maven takes you on a cheap shopping spree to zip of your look for $33. (I seriously need that one.)

The site even has a tour concierge, who can customize an outing for you according to your taste, budget and your time frame.

Check it out!


NYC Via Jet Ski


There viagra without prescription are plenty of ways to tour New York City. Circle Line, sightseeing bus, walking or cycling. (I’m guessing Segway, too? Gotta look into that.) But check this out–I just discovered that there’s a jet skiing tour!

Jetty Jumpers conducts several one to three hour tours around lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Jet skiers can hit Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Governors Island. They can motor right up to the Statue of Liberty or ride underneath the Verrazano Bridge. Or see the South Street Seaport or the Brooklyn Bridge from the water.

All gear, including wet suits, are included in the cost. And of course they teach a brief safety course. Prices vary with each tour, and drivers must be at least 17 years old; passengers need to be 15. Click here to learn more and to contact Jetty Jumpers directly.

It really looks like a lot of fun. Take a look at a video here.