Cherry Blossoms Are (Almost) Here


Little darlings, it’s been a long, cold lonely winner, but now the cherry blossom trees are thisclose to blooming in our parks. Hooray!

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden reports that its first tree is starting to blossom. The BBG updates a map on the buds’ progress regularly, so you can plan the best time to visit.

Central Park also reportedly has a few blooms. The trees are located by the Delacorte Theater, on the southeast edge of the Great Lawn, the Reservoir, the Ramble and Bethesda Terrace.

And the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx also plays host to the Spring beauties.

FYI, you can expect the season to last about five weeks, so start planning now!


Five Reasons To Visit New York City In April


April brings a little something for everyone. Here’s why you should come and stay with us next month:

1. In just a few weeks, the cherry blossoms will be in bloom. Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are key viewing spots, but our own Washington Square Park has its fair share of the springtime-announcing buds.

2. The Tribeca Film Festival. This year it runs from April 16th through the 27th and includes free community events like the Tribeca Drive-In, which screens family-friendly movies like Mary Poppins and Splash outdoor at Waterfront Plaza.

3. It’s opening season for baseball fans! The Yankees toss out the first ball on April 1, while the Mets get a head start on March 31st.

4. Car lovers can check out the New York International Auto Show from the 18th through the 27th. Visitors can drool over the fancy cars with no alternate side of the street parking issues to worry about.

5. The average daily temperature is about 60 degrees….oh-so-perfect for exploring the city.

Happy First Day Of Spring!


It’s finally here, and this is–hands down–the best season to visit New York City. The locals are slowly emerging from their apartment caves. You’re not stuffing yourself and that bulky down coat into 10 inches of subway seat. Those boxy wind fortresses are slowly coming down from store fronts; gloves and scarves are being thrown into storage.

It’s going to be 54 degrees today in the city, people. I feel like Mother Nature is wagging a finger at us, saying, “See? I told you it was going to come!”

So shed a few layers and make a beeline out of your apartment or hotel. Here are a few tips on experiencing the best of what the city has to offer at this time of year:

Ride a bike up the Hudson River to the Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge. The lighthouse was made famous by the 1942 children’s book The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, by Hildegarde Swift. Stop at the 79th Street Boat Basin Cafe for a beer and a burger along the way.

Head to a farmer’s market, a flea market or a street fair. Who cares if you buy anything? That’s not the point.

Check out the spring blooms on the High Line. Cherry blossoms, geraniums, tulips, and crocuses, oh my! Grab a Mexican chocolate ice pop from La Newyorkina or a brisket sandwich from Delaney Barbecue’s Smokeline to nosh on during your stroll.

Savor these extra hours of sunlight by sipping a cocktail outdoors at sunset.

Have a picnic!  Really, any park will do. Just grab a sandwich and people-watch, like all New Yorkers do. In fact, North Square can provide handy to-go picnic lunches to nibble across the street in Washington Square Park.

And finally, come visit us! We’re looking forward to seeing you!






What's Going On, Ronnie?


Mr. Jenkins had two words for me today when I posed this question. Street. Fairs. (Okay, he didn’t actually say it like that, but I’m a blogger–I love drama.) According to Ronnie, ’tis the official season of tube socks, crepes, Mexican street corn, bonsai plants and cheapo sheets. Here’s a rundown of some of the better ones:

Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair: Tied in with the film festival, this fair runs 10 am to 6 pm next Saturday (4/27) on Greenwich between Chambers and Hubert. Kite flying, live chef demonstrations, cheap viagra on internet life-size bubbles in a Bubble Garden, dancing, live music and noshes. Lots of noshes.

Brooklyn Flea: Lafayette Ave. between Clermont and Vanderbilt in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on Saturdays and on East River State Park at N. 7 St. in Williamsburg on Sundays (10 am to 5 pm). Vendors sell everything from Indian crafts to bicycle paintings to birdhouse jewelry. The food alone is worth heading down to the BK: Dough Donuts, Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut and Maria’s Tacos are ready and waiting for you to chow down.

Hester Street Fair: Every Sunday from 10-6 throughout the summer on the corner of Hester and Essex. Vendors include handmade soaps by Filthy Farmgirl (I need them. Now.) to beautiful ceramics and jewelry. And yes…good food (s’mores!)

Crafts on Columbus: Columbus Ave. from 77th to 81st streets. Operates the next few weekends (4/27-28, 5/4-5, 5/11-12). Fantastic jewelry, blown glass, sculpture, clothing, quilts and children’s toys. A block away from the American Museum of Natural History.

Spring has definitely sprung.



Don't Worry…It's Coming


Spring, that is. Although it certainly doesn’t feel like it (fortheloveofgod it’s only 30 degrees outside right now), the first day cheap viagra in usa of Spring is right around the corner–next Wednesday, the 20th, in fact. Here are a few pics of warmer weather and outside fun to whet your appetite:

Dogwoods? Cherry blossoms? Who cares…they’re beautiful.

Must have been rough getting this on the subway.


Free music!

Sidewalk cafes!

Kardashian sightings!

Spring is coming folks–it really is. Have a great weekend!

9 Dates I'm Looking Forward To…


The memory of a gentle snowfall is now turning to slush, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m over it. Winter, that is. I’m sick of clunky, all-weather boots, fed up with itchy woolen scarves and tired of those buy cialis plastic winter cubicle door thingies that are attached outside restaurants. (What do you call them, anyway?) In order to turn my Seasonal Affective Disorder around, I decided not to save my pennies and spring womens viagra pill for one of those fancy light therapy lamps, but instead compile a list of dates that I am looking forward to. And they are:

March 10th: Daylight savings goes back into effect. Mo’ daylight, less problems. (Or at least it feels that way.)

March 20: The first day of spring That’s less than two months, people! Spring!!!

April 1st: Opening day of the baseball season. (Truth be told, I could care less about baseball, but people I love do and if they’re happy, I’m happy. I may be cranky, but I’m still nice.)

April 7th: Mad Men Season 6 premier! Yes, I realize that it’s lame that I included a television show on the list. But come on…it’s Mad Men. Series creator Anthony Weiner talks about the next season here.

April 10th: This is the day I have picked to pack away my winter boots and scarves, weather be damned. No matter what, I’ll just do it…and pull out my favorite pair of flip flops in anticipation of a sock-less existence in the future.

April 15th-ish: The annual Tulip Festival will take place at the West Side  Community Garden on West 89th between Broadway and Amsterdam. One of my favorite hidden treasures in New York. Thousands of tulips in every hue imaginable. Tulip nirvana.

April 17th: The Tribeca Film Festival begins! Movies! DeNiro!

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo. Sexto de margaritas.

June 17th: Believe it or not, after over five long years, the construction on the Washington Square Park has a definite and final end date.

I feel better already. This should help get me through the next couple of weeks, no? What are you looking forward to?