What's Going On, Ronnie?


Mr. Jenkins had two words for me today when I posed this question. Street. Fairs. (Okay, he didn’t actually say it like that, but I’m a blogger–I love drama.) According to Ronnie, ’tis the official season of tube socks, crepes, Mexican street corn, bonsai plants and cheapo sheets. Here’s a rundown of some of the better ones:

Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair: Tied in with the film festival, this fair runs 10 am to 6 pm next Saturday (4/27) on Greenwich between Chambers and Hubert. Kite flying, live chef demonstrations, cheap viagra on internet life-size bubbles in a Bubble Garden, dancing, live music and noshes. Lots of noshes.

Brooklyn Flea: Lafayette Ave. between Clermont and Vanderbilt in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on Saturdays and on East River State Park at N. 7 St. in Williamsburg on Sundays (10 am to 5 pm). Vendors sell everything from Indian crafts to bicycle paintings to birdhouse jewelry. The food alone is worth heading down to the BK: Dough Donuts, Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut and Maria’s Tacos are ready and waiting for you to chow down.

Hester Street Fair: Every Sunday from 10-6 throughout the summer on the corner of Hester and Essex. Vendors include handmade soaps by Filthy Farmgirl (I need them. Now.) to beautiful ceramics and jewelry. And yes…good food (s’mores!)

Crafts on Columbus: Columbus Ave. from 77th to 81st streets. Operates the next few weekends (4/27-28, 5/4-5, 5/11-12). Fantastic jewelry, blown glass, sculpture, clothing, quilts and children’s toys. A block away from the American Museum of Natural History.

Spring has definitely sprung.



9 Foods You May Not Know Are Natural Aphrodisiacs


We all know that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. (Turns out it’s scientifically true…I honestly thought it was just the best excuse ever to eat chocolate: generic cialis viagra “It’ll renew our relationship!”) And it’s common knowledge that red wine is too; it relaxes you and lowers inhibitions–sometimes to the floor. But I didn’t know about these everyday love foods, and plan to incorporate at least some of them into my V-Day dinner.

Asparagus: Apparently it increases circulation downthere, leading to increased sexual desire. Mama always said to eat all your vegetables!

Ginger and Cinnamon: Both warm you and your partner up by literally producing heat within the body.

Honey: Organic, raw honey (not the kind in the little bear) supports both testosterone and estrogen production.

Garlic: It contains allicin, which increases blood flow and improves stamina. Clearly make sure that you both eat it so that you can stand the smell of each other.

Basil: One of my favorite herbs and now there’s more reason to love it, as it increases heart rate and improves blood flow.

Pine Nuts: Chock-full of zinc, which produces testosterone.

Avocados: It seems that because it’s packed with tons of nutrients and the “good” fat, eating a lot of it makes you healthy and…um…energetic.

Bananas: It’s not just the suggestive shape (although that certainly doesn’t hurt). They’re loaded with potassium, magnesium and B vitamins, plus special enzymes and minerals that specifically enhance the male libido.

It may come as no surprise that our beloved Ronnie Jenkins knew immediately which foods are aphrodisiacs. (Seriously–he nailed it on the first try.)  Ronnie came up with a list of dishes that he would serve his beloved on Valentine’s night:

Cinnamon sugar cookies with ginger
Avocado crostini and a glass of bubbly
Asparagus quiche
Pine nuts, toasted in a spinach salad
Strawberries and honey

So have a little pesto and garlic sauce or bananas foster or roasted asparagus and have a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day, everyone!

What's Going On, Ronnie?


Ronnie’s got some great tips for everyone. Listen up!

He reminded me that today is the 100th anniversary of Grand Central so there’s a lot going on in the buy cialis online terminal. There will be music and dance performances in the main concourse from various groups, including the Knicks City viagra purchase Dancers and Grammy award-winning big band Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks.

Sounds nice, but the thing that excites me is that shops and restaurants are rolling back their prices on some items back to 1913: The Oyster Bar is offering 19 cent slices of cheesecake. 6 cents will get you a loaf of rye from Zaro’s. $2 for silk scarves at TOTO. And plop down 75 cents and you can sip an Adirondack cocktail at Michael Jordan’s The Steak House.

Plus there will be lots of sponsored giveaways like spring rolls from Pescatore, vintage train whistles from Target and VIA Ready Brew from Starbucks.

Another Ronnie tip…breakfast pizza at Pulino’s Bar and Pizzeria on Bowery at Houston. Breakfast pizza, people. Nutella pizza with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and yes, that hazelnut nectar of the gods, nutella. Spinachi pizza with eggs, spinach, mozzarella, creme fraiche and grana. Breakfast. Pizza. People.

And last, but certainly not least is Porchetta in the East Village. Ronnie lost his mind when he ate there and reports that the slow-cooked pork sandwiches with Italian seasoning are off the hook! And only ten bucks!

Porcine goodness yours for 10 clams.

Have a great weekend, everyone!




Meet Ronnie Jenkins

There is one employee of the hotel that discount viagra sale is mentioned fondly with more frequency on Tripadvisor than any other–by a mile. Check out these excerpts from guest posts:

“Staff are great, especially Ronnie who helped us every day with great advice.”

“The super friendly concierge, Ronnie was always on hand with great tips of where to go and how to get there, even gave us a sample of his famous chilli sauce to bring home to Australia.”

“Ronnie, the doorman/concierge/bellman and all-around nice guy, was a joy, and really symbolizes the heart and soul of the place.”

I would say that probably the most accurate description of Ronnie’s job is that of an ambassador. Ronnie Jenkins, a born and bred New Yorker, has been working for the hotel for seven years now and is the go-to guy when you need to know where you want to go to

or what you want to do. He’s a fountain of information…and more than happy to share his knowledge with all the guests so that their trip to New York is just that much better. No matter where you want to go, see, drink or eat, Ronnie has the perfect suggestion.

So it only makes sense that from time to time, this blog will ask Ronnie to share with us a tip that he’s currently passing along to his customers. Today he’s urging them to head to the Poetic License Festival, held at the at the Poetic Theater at 195 East 3rd St. The festival runs from January 21st through January 27th. The Poetic Theater is a theater company that works with both poets and playwrights to create a visceral, poetic theater. All for 5 to15 bucks. Yep, you read that correctly–no performance is more than $15.

Ronnie’s bringing his goddaughter, an aspiring poet, to the festival so you know it’s got to be good, right?

So check back with the blog and get more advice from our food and entertainment guru, Ronnie!

(Note to Ronnie: I’m not writing nice things about you to get a sample of your famous home-made hot sauce, although frankly that wouldn’t suck.)