We Love Our Guests

My hubby and I decided to cheap viagra online usa hit the jazz brunch in the North Square Lounge yesterday afternoon. Why? Because performing this week were the Roz Corral Trio, with Freddie Bryant on guitar, Santi Debriano on bass and Ms. Corral on vocals and they swing…that’s why.

In between lamenting to my spouse the buy viagra online fact that I have no–and I mean zero–musical talent (he did not disagree), tossing back mimosas and scarfing down eggs benedict, I struck up a fun conversation with the couple sitting next to us, Denise and Phil Corsello. The Corsellos hail from Long Island and were celebrating Phil’s birthday weekend in Manhattan.

The duo had come in to the city the night before to catch a play (Perfect Crime, which they gave a thumbs up) and were wrapping up Phil’s multi-day birthday fete with steak and eggs and omelets and be-bop. We had a blast chatting about life, snapping pictures of each other and trying to figure out how in the world to use the new I-phone. (Seriously.)

Denise (l), Phil (r), Guy eating french fry (c)

Hope you had a happy birthday, Phil!  We hope you both come back soon!