Halloween Is Popping Up All Over!


Everyone loves Halloween. What’s not to love? The holiday just screams fun. Fulfilling a fantasy to be someone (or something) other than yourself for at least a few hours certainly trumps stuffing your face with turkey and cranberry sauce in my book. (I mean, I can be Marilyn Monroe and eat tootsie rolls double-fisted at the same time? Yep. Count me in.)

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I really don’t think there is any place that is as passionate about the holiday as Greenwich Village. The annual Halloween parade is an unbelievable spectacle of creativity and good humor. The event was cancelled last year, possibly for the first time. (Damn you, Sandy!) But it’s back on, and I dare you to find a more inventive bunch than the Draculas, goblins, zombies, Duck Dynasty dudes or Miley Cyrus wannabees that will march up Sixth Avenue this October 31.

In fact, Halloween is a big deal around the entire city. buy cheap viagra in uk Shopkeepers keep overflowing bowls of candy on hand for sugar-obsessed kiddies that trick or treat along Broadway. Apartment buildings hold lobby pizza parties for their tiniest tenants before they knock on their neighbors’ doors begging for yummy things. Costumes are planned and discussed extensively weeks–even months–ahead.

Which brings me to the phenomenon of Halloween costume pop-up stores. Pop-ups begin appearing in late September all around the city. Probably the most widely-known is the transformation of Ricky’s stores into temporary Halloween stores. Ricky’s is a local funky beauty/fashion chain that converts a bunch of their outlets into costume emporiums every October. Make-up, wigs, entire costumes…everything you need you can find here. (By the way, the regular Ricky’s is pretty great, too.)

Halloween Pop-Up at 475 Sixth Avenue (between W.11th and W.12th)  has a bunch of prepackaged costumes plus a big supply of paraphernalia. Rotten teeth? Check. Fake blood and guts? Uh-huh.

Nifty Thrifty, an online vintage shop, is hosting a pop-up inside a Williamsburg barbershop (Seven Stars Beauty Salon, 556 Grand St. near. Lorimer St.) from October 25th through the 27th. Nifty Thrifty has a more create-it-yourself vibe than the other pop-ups. You’ll find everything from vintage prom dresses (Carrie!) to legwarmers from the 70′s (Flashdance!) and it’s up to you to make it work.

Between all the great options here in the city, I predict that it’s going to be a great Halloween.

I’m still on the fence as to my costume. What are you going to be?


Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli


Today is Columbus Day, a holiday in which our Italian friends celebrate their history and culture. And we’re celebrating our Italian friends! What other group of people can boast that they gave our country Chianti, Verdi, Sophia Loren and the two best members of the Rat Pack. (Sorry, Sammy and Joey.) And we can’t forget one of the finest gifts that they’ve ever given us….cannoli!

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Cannoli are Sicilian pastry deserts…tube shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy ricotta filling.

Here in New York City, folks can find probably the best cannoli north of Palermo.

Ferrara Bakery & Cafe, on Grand St. in LIttle Italy ship their goodies all over the US! Try the cannoli hand-dipped in delicious dark chocolate.

Also located in Little Italy, Caffe Palermo, on Mulberry St. serves up some delicious specimens. They buying viagra actually sponsor a Cannoli Eating Contest during the Feast of San Gennaro, so clearly they take those little cream-filled rolls seriously.

Right here on Bleecker St. in the West Village, you can find Pasticerria Rocco. Grab a regular cannolo, one dipped in chocolate or a Black & White (dipped in white and milk chocolate).

The East Village contributes to our cannoli cravings with Veniero’s Pasticerria on East 11th St. actually sells a do-it-yourself kit that they’ll ship anywhere in the continental US. They provide the cream and the shells, but separately, so when you assemble them the pastry tube doesn’t get mushy (a cannoli Cardinal Sin).

Happy Columbus Day!

We're Gearing Up For Halloween


October 31st is probably the most exciting holiday here in Greenwich Village, and the earlier we start celebrating it, the better. Each Friday night, Boroughs of the Dead, a company that runs macabre walking tours in the city, conducts The Ultimate Greenwich Village Ghost Tour.

Folks who want to be scared (and the people who love them or at least put up with them) meet in front of St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery. The tour lasts approximately two hours (and one mile)  and winds up online pharmacy cialis right here in Washington Square Park.

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Guides relate ghost stories–verified to be absolutely, positively and undeniably true, of course. The tales provide a little history of the East and West Villages along with all the frightening stuff. Notorious murder scenes, hidden burial grounds and public execution sites are all explored on the tour. And yes, haunted houses. Many haunted houses.

The Ultimate Greenwich Village Ghost tour runs every Friday evening of the month plus Wednesday, the 30th, rain or shine. Price is $20 and tickets should be purchased in advance. Not recommended for kids under 12.





Labor Day Weekend Happenings


There’s something for everybody in the city this upcoming holiday weekend, so read on…

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For music heads: Head out to Randall’s Island Friday, Saturday or Sunday for the fifth Electric Zoo music festival. In the biggest electronic dance music festival in the city, with both superstar DJs and underground up-and-comers entertaining you on five separate stages on the island. Day passes start at $139.

For those into good old-fashioned family fun: The Richmond County Fair in Staten Island runs on Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. Expect music, dance workshops, pie and hot dog eating contests, magic, pony rides and arts and crafts. Kids can check out farm animals while adults may be into the classic car exhibition. Adults are $16, Seniors $11 and kids shorter than 30″ are free.

For art fans: the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit is right in our own backyard on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Fine artists and craft artisans from the New York metropolitan area, the nation and the world are showcased. (FYI, if you don’t catch it this week, it’s running the next weekend as well.)

For one-wheel enthusiasts and the people who are fascinated by them (i.e. me): The NYC Unicycle Festival takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, cyclists can enjoy a 13 mile unicycle ride through Brooklyn. Saturday and Sunday are perfect for spectators, where from 12 pm cialis pharmacy to 5 pm on Governor’s Island, folks can watch competitions, exhibitions, sports (unicycle basketball and hockey…who knew?) amid other craziness. If you’re daring (and have better-than-average balance) you can even try it yourself.

For absolutely everyone who loves great music, colorful costumes and a good time: The West Indian American Day Parade on Monday from 11 to 6 at Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. Chow down on Caribbean food and drink, shop for jewelry, arts and crafts and colorful apparel. And dance! Everyone must dance! It’s Carnival, right?

And of course, for tennis nuts, there’s always the US Open, which I told you about earlier.

Enjoy your three day weekend!

In Case You Missed It…


Here’s a little taste of the Macy’s show last night, as seen from Hoboken, NJ right across the Hudson River. If you look at the left side of the video, pill viagra you can see the Empire State Building changing colors along with the fireworks:


Enjoy the rest of your long holiday weekend, everyone! Hit a barbecue or two, plop down on a towel in the Jones Beach sand, people-watch as you stroll along the steamy city streets or catch a summer blockbuster in an air-conditioned theater. Whatever you choose to do, have fun and please stay safe!

Chowing Down Pre-Fireworks


As North Square was surely your first choice for a July 4th pre-fireworks pigout you must be bummed that it’s temporarily closed for renovations, right? Fear not. I’ve got a list of a few of my favorite restaurants within striking distance of the pyrotechnics. Here you go:

Cookshop: 10th Ave. and 20th street. Cookshop in Chelsea kind of reminds me of North Square with its focus on seasonal and organic produce and affordable wines. And the service? One night at dinner a very animated member or our party waved his hand to make a point and–SMASH–there goes our bottle of wine. I wanted to crawl under the table but much like our waitstaff, the good folks at Cookshop couldn’t have been nicer about it.

Daisy May’s BBQ USA: 11th Ave. and 46th St. Who says New Yorkers can’t do the ‘cue? This Hell’s Kitchen joint is owned by that super famous god of grilling, Adam Perry Lang. Pick your rib style: Oklahoma, Memphis or Kansas City. Or get a whole pig (feeds up to 12) or a whole pork butt that feeds up to 6. Mmmmm mmmm mmmm…..

Pio Pio on 10th Ave. between 43rd and 44th is part of a min-chain serving Peruvian food. Delicious arepas (corn cakes), empanadas, ceviche and roasted chicken with a special sauce dominate the menu.

Boqueria: I’m crazy about Spain and its cuisine, so whenever I need a tapas fix, I head to this place on 19th St. between 5th and 6th. (There’s a second outpost in Soho.) The nibbles are crazy good: try chorizo vela, fuet (a Catalan pork sausage) and of course, jamon serrano coupled with wonderful Spanish cheeses. If you haven’t tried pan con tamate (grilled bread rubbed with garlic, tomato and olive oil) you really, really need to put it on your bucket list before you die. Simply heaven. The croquettes, the tortilla espanola…oh, I could go on and on, but it’s viagra levitra making me too hungry so I need to stop.

So hopefully I’ve given you some good ideas for the holiday. Remember that the lobby bar will be open on the 4th and North Square will resume regular meal service the next day. so come back to us!

Happy Fourth of July!



Memorial Day


“Memorial Day” by Del “Abe” Jones

A time for picnics, time off work -
Vacations and the “Indy” -
A holiday, too often times
We forget what, it should be.

A time to pay respect to those
Who rallied to the battle cry -
Who gave their lives for liberty -
Those freedoms for you and I.

Such a waste of brave young souls -
Some still struggling through their youth
Who faced and fell willingly
Before wartimes’ awful truth.

So as we share this holiday
With our friends or family -
Take a moment to give thanks buy viagra with discount to
Those who died so we’d stay free.

Let us strive for world peace -
For the end of greed and hate -
For next time, after “the war”
It just may be too damned late.

We salute the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Thank you.


Hey There, Sailor…New In Town?


Fleet Week was cancelled this year, so sadly New Yorkers can’t experience one of their favorite annual rituals…watching brave sailors on leave having a blast while exploring our fair city.

But we can look back, can’t we?


New York, viagra no perscription usa New York, it’s a helluva town.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Take some time to relax and enjoy the ones that you love!

Memorial Day Weekend + Free = Fun


Time to kick off summer with freebies, people! Check out fun stuff to do without spending where to buy viagra any cash:

Memorial Day Concert at St. John the Divine. Celebrate with the New York Philharmonic in this beautiful cathedral on Amsterdam and 112th on Monday at 8:00 pm. Tickets are first-come, first-served and available the day of the performance at 6:00 p.m. If you don’t get in, music will be piped out onto the adjacent Pulpit Green, weather permitting. (And as of now, it’s looking like the weather will permit: forecast for the day is high of 68 and sunny.)

The Intrepid Museum plans to celebrate the weekend the right way, by honoring our service women and men. Aside from a screening of Top Gun for it’s freebie movies on Friday night series, Pier 86 will be filled live performances (the USO Show Troupe!), hands-on activities and displays.

Memorial Day Parade(s): There’s a bunch of them–just pick your borough. Probably the largest is the Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Parade. It stars at 2 p.m. at the corner of Northern Blvd. and Jayson Ave. in Queens. This year’s parade is dedicated to those who served in Vietnam, as it’s the 40th anniversary of the end of the war.

And what holiday is complete without sparkly explosions? None, I say. To see fireworks, though, you have to head downtown on Thursday night (23rd) so that Lady Liberty is in view. Fireworks will be set off in the harbor near Liberty Island at around 9:15 p.m. (Not sure why they only have them on Thursday night-I searched and searched–but hey, if I’m mistaken and there’s more, please let me know!)

Have fun!