Halloween Is Popping Up All Over

Everyone loves Halloween.  What’s not to love?  The holiday just screams fun.  Fulfilling a fantasy to be someone (or something) other than yourself for at least a few hours certainly trumps stuffing your face with turkey and cranberry sauce in my book.  (I mean, I can be Marilyn Monroe and eat tootsie rolls double-fisted at the same time?  Yep. Count me in.)

I really don’t think there is any place that is as passionate about the holiday as Greenwich Village.  The annual Halloween parade is an unbelievable spectacle of creativity and good humor.  I dare you to find a more inventive bunch than the Draculas, goblins, Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin wannabees that march up Sixth Avenue every October 31.

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In fact, Halloween is a big deal around the entire city.  Shopkeepers keep bowls of candy on hand for sugar-obsessed kiddies that trick or treat along Broadway.  Apartment buildings hold lobby pizza parties for their tiniest tenants before they knock on their neighbors’ doors begging for yummy things.  Costumes are planned and discussed extensively weeks–even months–ahead.

Which brings me to the phenomenon of Halloween costume pop-up stores.  Pop-ups begin appearing in late September all around the city.  Probably the most widely-known is the transformation

of Ricky’s stores into temporary Halloween stores.  Ricky’s is a local funky beauty/fashion chain that converts a bunch of their outlets into costume emporiums every October.  Make-up, wigs, entire costumes…everything you need you can find here. (By the way, the regular Ricky’s is pretty great, too.)

Just a few blocks from the hotel (450 Sixth Avenue) is a pop-up in an old, beloved, since-closed food outlet, Jefferson Market.  (Jefferson Market was the NYC Whole Foods back in the day.  But a lot better). The unique atmosphere of a gourmet food bazaar cum costume shop inside just screams Greenwich village.

Between all the great options here in the city, it’s going to be a great Halloween.

What are you going to be?

Image via Daily News