Pick Up A Book About New York!


So glad that readers liked our little April Fool’s joke about the “sale” of the hotel. (Trump Square?!?! Lord help us.)

I wrote that while I was on vacation on the Amalfi coast in Italy. (If you haven’t been, it’s even more insanely beautiful than you’ve heard it is–or than any place has a right to be.) While on holiday, I usually like to read books or essays on the places that I’m visiting to immerse myself in my temporary home. In this case, I downloaded two books on the area that were..um, to be polite…awful.

So I thought that I’d save our friends visiting New York from the same fate and pass along some tips on books that will give them a flavor of our city and its people past and present that are actually good.

New York Stories:  Landmark Writing From Four Decades of New York Magazine by the editors of New York Magazine and Tom Wolfe: A collection of articles from the likes of Gloria Steinem, Jay McInerney, George Plimpton, Nora Ephron, Joe Klein, Kurt Anderson, Gael Greene and Emily Nussbaum. Topics include pretentious restaurants, high-end escorts and bloggers (uh-oh).

Through the Children’s Gate: A Home In New York by Adam Gopnick: Gopnick is one of The New Yorker’s finest writers. (Check out his book “Paris to the viagra uk Moon” about his seven years living in the City of Light with his young family.) In this tome, he moves back to the New York just after 9/11 and muses on everything from a Disney-fied Times Square to school safety patrol, Upper East Side-style. (This is one of my favorites!)

My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City as remembered by actors, artists, athletes, chefs, comedians. Another New York Magazine collection. Liza Minnelli, Parker Posey, Andy Samberg, Mike Myers, Dan Rather, Judy Collins, Ira Glass all weigh in. Need I say more?

All of these are relaxing, fun reads–perfect for passing time in a plane, or subway!