rsz_1front of hotel earle 1970s


No one likes to be old,” Nora Ephron wrote. “The most they will cop up to is that they’re older. Or oldish.”

We’ll own up to being flat-out old. Making it well past the century mark (111 years, people!) is nothing to sneeze at, and we’re proud of every decade…every facelift, each nip and every single tuck.

The Washington online viagra Square Hotel started out in 1902 as the Hotel Earle, shown in the postcard above. Many additions and what seems like a zillion incarnations later, we’ve evolved into what we are today. It goes without saying that we still have air conditioning and color TV. But the rest–the stuff that you can’t find anywhere else–is happily the same..our proximity to jazz and rock clubs, famous restaurants and off-Broadway theater.

From the staid, affluent environment of Henry James’ Washington Square, to the bohemian counterculture of the ’60s, the hotel has always personified the fashion of the day. Creative types like Ernest Hemingway, Buddy Miles, Joan Baez, Dylans Bob and Thomas, Dexter Gordon, the Stones and the Ramones have all gravitated to us.

Artists, writers and musicians still frequent the Washington Square Hotel. So do doctors, insurance brokers, real estate agents and people from all over the world.

Our looks are always going to be changing, but our attitude will remain the same. We hope our guests feel like family because to us, they are.

Happy Birthday both to us and our guests! We hope that you agree that all of us wear our age well.