Take A Peep


This weekend is expected to be peak leaf-peeping time here in New York City. (Say that ten times fast.) I know that some people may think of our home as a gray world of concrete cialis sidewalks and 25-story buildings, but that’s not all there is to it…but you knew that, didn’t you? We have a wide variety of breathtaking autumnal foliage. And as a bonus, the orange, red and gold hues seem to really pop in the city landscape.

So take a walk through Central Park, Prospect Park and our own Washington Square Park and you’ll catch a glimpse of something like this:

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Or this:

Maybe this:

Or perhaps this:

Have a great weekend everyone. And try to take in the sights…especially the ones provided by Mother Nature!


It's Time For Autumn Desserts


I love the yummy berry and peach dishes that are the cornerstone of summer desserts. But come fall, I rush through dinner because I just can’t wait to get to the sweet and comforting taste of apples and pears and pumpkin…flavors that announce the cold times ahead.

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Alana Ford, Consulting Pastry Chef for North Square, walked me through the newly revamped dessert menu, and it all sounds scrumptious.

Ford has created a chocolate pecan pie with bourbon and chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream (of course).

Pears are the star of a galette with almonds and a caramel semifreddo, almond butter crunch and pomegranate sauce.

How about a spiced bread pudding with cranberry compote, pumpkin ice cream and almond brittle?

Or a butterscotch pudding with caramelized bananas, ginger snap crumble and whipped cream?

Vegans and diners with gluten issues are not left out with an canadian healthcare levitra apple and cranberry crisp with vanilla (almond milk) ice cream and apple crisps that fit their dietary needs.

Add a chocolate mousse cake, pistacho creme brulee, cheese platter, cookies and sorbets and you’ve got a fantastic bevy of choices to wind up your dinner.

I asked Chef Ford what kinds of desserts she personally prefers at the end of a meal.

“I like simple things, like an apple tart, apple crumble. I love bread pudding.”

Clearly she’s brought that sensibility to the fall menu. Come by and taste the goodies and see for yourself!