Early Columbus Day Sale


Remember the “Discovering Columbus” art installation in Columbus Circle? This past fall, artist Tatzu Nishi created an American living room surrounding the 13-foot-tall statue of the Italian explorer. Visitors were welcome to lounge on a comfy purple couch, watch CNN on a 48″ flat-screen, or settle down in an armchair and sift through the New York Times.

If you were one of the 100,00 people able to ascend the six floors of scaffolding to view the piece cialis viagra and levitra and fell in love with any of the furnishings, you can now buy them for your own home!

The Public Art Fund, which presented the exhibit, is holding an on-line sale of everything in the pop-up apartment. That Samsung television is going for $1950. A pair of red curtains will run you only $70. Vases run from $20 to $50.

I just love the idea of bringing a piece of an art installation home with you. And I especially love that all proceeds of the sale go to the Public Art Fund, viagra which mounts fee exhibitions to integrate art and the urban environment.

Check out the sale here.


Who Painted That?


I was sitting in the lounge at North Square sipping on (okay, swilling) an Almond Old Fashioned when my eyes were drawn to the cool artwork on the walls. Drinking makes me curious–and chatty–so I asked

staff members to tell me buying viagra with no prescription about them.

The painting of the nude woman over the bar is a copy of “La Belle Raphaela”, originally painted by Tamara de Lempika, a Polish Art Deco painter. This particular rendition was painted on tiles by Mrs. Rita Paul, proprietor of the hotel. Step into the dining area of the lounge and you will see Mrs. Paul’s painted versions of black and white photos of some of the great stars of yesterday: Marlene Dietrich, Anne Sheridan, Joan Crawford and Carole Lombard. Oh, and upstairs in the hotel lobby are still more decorative tiles that Mrs. Paul hand painted. (I love when talented people are prolific. Don’t you?)

Sitting there among all this beautiful artwork, I felt transported back to another time. If only Gregory Peck or Laurence Olivier would stroll through the door…

Actually, Don Draper would do very nicely, thank you. I’m not all that picky.

So if you too were curious about where the lounge artwork came from, now you know! You’re welcome.

Another Old Fashioned, please.