Y? Because It’s Awesome

I want to let anyone coming to the city know about the 92nd Street Y, or as it’s officially known, the 92nd Street Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association, or the YM-YWHA. (Got that?).

Its proper name may be a mouthful, but this Y is the Bentley of Y’s. New Yorkers in the know regularly attend classes, lectures, concerts, dance performances and literary readings. We in the city are bargain hunters; we appreciate when we can get a big dollop of culture for a reasonable cost. The Y is a non-profit and its prices reflect that.

But visitors can also take advantage of the programs and events! Here’s just a little taste of what’s on deck in the next few weeks alone:

  • Literary readings by Elizabeth Gilbert and Isabel Allende.
  • A class on how to really make it in voice-over work.
  • An evening concert featuring the music of Russia.
  • A lecture by America’s doctor, Dr. Oz.
  • A performance by the American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company, formerly ABT II, a classical ensemble made up of 12 up-and-coming dancers of outstanding potential.
  • A class on the world of Sicilian wine.
  • Plus It was 50 Years Ago Today…Celebrating 50 Years of The Beatles in the USA, an intimate conversation with some of The Beatles’ closest pals.

See? A little something for everyone. Check it out!



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