Up, Up and Away

File this one under Things That This Blogger Will Tell You About But Is Too Damn Scared To Do Herself:

The Trapeze School of New York specializes in multi-level classes in the aerial arts, i.e. flying trapeze, static trapeze (where the bars and ropes don’t sway), trampolines, silks (where students practice acrobatics dangling on a piece of silk), and lyra (in which one performs all the same drops, hangs and movements that a trapeze artist does on a hoop–H-O-O-P).

All fear aside, this looks like a lot of fun–and relatively safe fun–for our non-acrophobic friends. The classes cost between $40 and $70 and last one hour, with a limit of ten students per session. (Buy a block and you’ll get a discount.)  During the winter, instruction is indoor but outdoor classes are added in the warmer months.

And yeah, kids can do it, too. The minimum age is only six!

Check it out:



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