Let’s Catch A Movie!

Our fair city has a load of movie theaters; sadly, many of them are boring, generic multiplexes that you could find just about anywhere. But a few cinemas do stand apart from the pack…

The Paris Theatre: This old-school movie house is situated next door to the Plaza Hotel, on 58th St. Viewers take a step back in time in this single theater with an actual balcony. Yes, a balcony…didn’t think they made them anymore, did you? It’s the longest-running art cinema in the states and tends to show high-brow movies. (Vin Diesel fans will most definitely be left wanting.) Showing at the moment is Philomena, starring Judi Dench. (We do love Dame Judi so, don’t we?)

The Landmark Sunshine Cinema, on East Houston St. is a multi-plex indie theater that usually features avant-garde films. Currently offerings include Spike Jonze’s Her and Beyond Outrage, a film from Japanese action cinema master Takeshi Kitano. A cool promotion is aimed at moms and dads who just-need-to-get-out-of-the-house-oh-my-God-I’m-going-crazy…and their wee ones. Babies accompanying a parent gain free admission to the Rattle & Reel screenings on Wednesdays at noon. Just think: no babysitting fees, and no dirty looks when your kid tosses Cheerios on the person next to you.

The Film Society Theater uptown in Lincoln Center screens a nice mix of mainstream and indies, plus special themed series. Through 1/24, you can catch the New York Jewish Film Festival, featuring films from all over the world that showcase the Jewish experience. They also have a cool Dinner and a Movie deal–for 25 bucks, you get the flick, plus a glass of wine, a bag of chips and a sandwich! Beats Twizzlers any day!

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