Six Reasons You Should Have Thanksgiving With Us

1. You don’t have to have turkey. Not everyone loves the traditional feast. We can serve you venison loin, arctic char, lamb shank, or even lobster.

2. You don’t even have to have meat. We’re providing a vegetable plate as an entree for our vegetarian guests.

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3. Your drunken uncle will no doubt be chatting up our server instead of you. You’re welcome. Now enjoy your meal.

4. We have pumpkin pie. And apple pie. And pistachio creme brulee and chocolate mousse cake for the pie-averse.

5. No fighting over who has to do the dishes. We do all of them–every single one. You don’t even have to dry.

6. Not one of us will ask you when you’re finally going to get married. We swear. We won’t even quiz you on whether or not you’re dating.

So there you have it. We’ll cook, feed you, clean up after you and distract your crazy relatives. All for $55. Now that’s something to be thankful for. Check out the whole menu and make your reservations here.



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