Five Things That You Didn't Know About Pumpkins

I know that Halloween may be over, but pumpkins are here to stay, people. (At least for the next few months). So here are five things that you probably didn’t know about our favorite squash. Ready?

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1. Pumpkins are 90 percent water.

2. The heaviest pumpkin weighed 1,810 lb, 8 oz and was presented by Chris Stevens at the Stillwater Harvest Fest in Stillwater, Minnesota, in October 2010.

3. The largest pumpkin pie ever baked was in 2005 and weighed 2,020 pounds.

4. The Irish brought the tradition of pumpkin carving to America. The tradition originally started with the carving of turnips. When the Irish immigrated to the U.S., they encountered a great supply of pumpkins, which were obviously much easier to carve than turnips. (Ya’ think?)

5. Pumpkins were once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites.

Now you can say that you know at least five things about pumpkins. You’re welcome.

Click here to find Ina Garten’s (a.k.a. The Barefoot Contessa) yummy recipe for pumpkin viagra purchase canada pie!


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