Beer, Beer And More Beer!

It’s October, people, and you know what that means…Oktoberfest! Beer! Cider! More beer! I asked North Square’s Beer Sommelier, Pamela Amatucci, for a few yummy autumnal suggestions and here’s what she came levitra buy up with:
Pamela describes Smuttynose Pumpkin (How much do you love that name?) as, “the beer drinkers pumpkin beer.” It’s made from fresh pumpkin, a bonus as apparently some pumpkin beers are made with some mystery “natural flavor”. With a combination of toasted malt, bitter hops and herbal flavor that balances the cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin, this beer finishes completely balanced.
Harpoon Octoberfest is a full-bodied American marzen (pale lager) backed with a toasted bready malt palate, hints of chocolate and a sweet fruitiness. Pamela finds Harpoon clean and drinkable and reports that it is commonly described as a top seasonal selection among other American Ocktoberfests.
And what about cider?
McKenise’s Seasonal Reserve Cider is a rich, mulled, spicy, hand-pressed cider. “Tastes like mom’s apple pie in a bottle,” Pamela says. The aroma smells of cinnamon, caramel and nutmeg—and the taste is light enough to drink all night long.
Come on over and test these out!


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